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7 Tips For Real Estate Brokers to Expand Their Network

The challenge to build and maintain a strong network of contacts is constantly faced by real estate brokers. In the fast-paced real estate industry, it is never about how many people you know, but how many people know you. To network effectively you need to surround yourself with people of the same goal, attend industry events, and dedicate time finding leads, but these are just a few of the strategies you can do.

Here are 7 tips for real estate brokers to expand their network:

  1. Be active on social media

Currently, social media is one of the most used, fastest, and absolutely effective means of communication. It has become a powerful tool to connect to old, current, and potential clients. Establish credibility as you build and expand your network by being a source of information. Utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any similar social networking site to connect to as many people as you can. Create or join groups and participate in online forums. Be active. Make your presence known through the use of social media.

  1. Create a professional online page

Start a website where everyone can sign up and be part of your online network. A website is an efficient medium where you can publish blogs that would attract your target audience. Once a website is established and is deemed as a trustworthy source of information, network building would be a cinch.

  1. Attend events for brokers

Be involved in real estate events to meet other industry professionals and learn new information. More so and this is truly important, events offer an avenue where you can exchange contact details with others participants. Of course, the goal in attending conferences, trade shows, and seminars is to learn; however, it won’t hurt if you can connect with other participants. It is even better if you can host events to set an idea that you are not just a member but relatively an active influencer in the industry.

  1. Join organizations

Be part of organizations that encourage its members to work with one another. There are organizations that typically offer its members access to their membership list which can be of use to those who want to build and expand their network. Attend regional or national meetings to meet other industry professionals who could be your next strategic partners in the industry. Ultimately, join organizations that will give you the opportunity to be mentored by industry experts.

  1. Start a group

Invite industry professionals who have the same vision as you – to expand and establish a reputable network. Find motivated people who know that there is power in unity and that network building in real estate is as essential as closing deals. Once the group is fairly established, conduct events that would give other real estate professionals the opportunity to be involved. Just ensure that every member is valued so there would be a constant increase in membership.

  1. Share your listings

Listings are important to succeed in a sales industry and not everyone is generous enough to share. In the dynamic and competitive real estate industry, sharing of listings can result in a long-term alliance with other professionals. When you share your listings, you will eventually earn the trust of other real estate professionals which will eventually lead to them sharing what they have with you.

  1. Get referrals from old clients

Take care of your past clients and stay in touch with them. You do not necessarily have to constantly contact them; just let them know that you are always available in case they need assistance. It is not a secret that every broker needs referrals. Do not hesitate to tell your old clients that you would like to help their relatives, friends, and acquaintances with the same level of service you gave them.

Networking is fundamental in real estate. Thus, immerse yourself into different networking strategies to guarantee an increase in your industry partners and clients.

Do you have tips on how real estate brokers can expand their network? Share it with us in the comments section.

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