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8 Practical Tips for New Real Estate Brokers

There are countless practices new real estate brokers can follow to ensure success. While it is acceptable to navigate the industry with prudence and just learn from experience, it is necessary to follow sensible practices that lead to growth and success.


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Find a Mentor

You need a mentor who will walk with you as you get accustomed to the industry. It is important to have someone whom you can phone anytime if you have questions. Find a mentor who is willing to guide and teach you and will encourage you more than just pointing out your mistakes.

Learn From Top Brokers

Study how renowned brokers do their job. Read blogs about them, watch their interviews, and if feasible, contact them so you can personally ask them questions. Focus on a niche – residential or commercial – and find top brokers that also focus on your preferred niche.

Use a CRM

Do not drown in a pool of clients and inquiries. You need to utilize a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to stay on top of your career. There are several real estate CRM tools in the market; you just need to find the one that best suits your needs.

Read Real Estate Broker Books

Learn more about the real estate industry and its professions – particularly on being a broker – by reading books written by reliable industry experts. While experience is apparently still the best teacher, it is undeniable that you can learn so much from reading books.


Meet every professional you can meet and join events and groups. As a new real estate broker, you must build and establish a strong network of contacts. In the sales industry, connection matters for it is essential to the growth of any business. Develop relationships and ensure that your network expands consistently.

Be Professional

The way you handle clients can affect your career growth and future transactions. Have integrity; when you make a promise, do it. Respect everyone and do your homework before you meet up with your clients. More so, even when things do not go your way, still practice professionalism.

Learn From Failures

Do not let a failure stop you; use it to your advantage instead. When you face problems, compose yourself and discover ways on how you can overcome them. You will make mistakes – in fact, countless of them; be sure to learn from those mistakes rather than hoard regrets that will paralyze you and ruin your career in the end.

  1. Use Social Media

Make your presence known in the industry using social media. Now that almost everyone is online, you must establish your online credibility. Share informative content that everyone will read, connect with social communities, and find clients in various real estate groups.

These practices plus dedication and excellence can assure success.

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