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8 Smart Ways To Deal With Toxic Co-Brokers

Let us not sugarcoat it; toxic co-brokers have the power to make life difficult. Productivity is important, but harmony plays a significant role that contributes to productivity. We certainly cannot change a person; however, we can definitely choose our words and actions when we are faced with a toxic colleague.

Here are 8 smart ways to deal with toxic co-brokers:

  1. Evaluate the circumstances

It is often a default that when we are unreasonably treated or a coworker is not being professional towards us we easily get upset and lose our temper. You do not have to shout or start a fight just to prove a point and stop a co-broker from being toxic. Take a deep breath and try to see what is going on. Do not say or do anything terrible just because you feel bad.

  1. Take action

If you feel like the negativity is already way out of line, a healthy confrontation might be necessary. Do not be afraid to give some honest judgment and constructive assessment. Understand where a co-broker is coming from and do your best to listen. Stay calm and be rational, but do not let your emotions get the best of you.

  1. Keep your cool

When a confrontation is not yet needed and you do not have anything to do with a toxic co-broker, keep your cool and stay away from possible conflicts. Manage you stress in order for you to remain calm and in control of what you feel. Avoidance sometimes does the trick.

  1. Recognize your triggers

Collaboration is typical in and out of the office for brokers. We can never  deny the reality that there would be people who will be hard to work with. It is best if you could pinpoint the gestures, words or even types of personality that set you off. If you do not want to be around pessimists, you have the right to do so. Recognize what makes you feel bad; that way, you will know how to respond appropriately.

  1. Set boundaries

A co-broker who always misses the deadline, steals your clients or a gossiper – you absolutely do not have to constantly interact with such a person. Acknowledge the behavior and work style that you can and cannot accept. Do not exacerbate the tensions within you by going with the flow. If something is not acceptable to you, you do not have to keep up with it. Set boundaries and avoid what needs to be avoided.

  1. Exercise patience

Patience can never be manufactured; genuine patience can only be learned through years of being patient – if that is not obvious yet. Every day offers an opportunity to feel annoyed because of a co-broker and you can also be a source of inconvenience for your co-brokers. We will never be completely patient, but we can always choose to exercise it with all our strength.

  1. Hear them out

A toxic co-broker might have a story that he just wants to share; hear him out. Help him discover the cause of his toxicity. Aside from you being a co-broker, be a friend. This does not mean that you always have to be the ears that listen as it could likely make you emotionally exhausted, but at least try to be a reliable listener. Hearing a toxic co-broker out could potentially pacify and eliminate negativity.

  1. Love, just love

As sentimental as it sounds, love is powerful. You can choose to show love to your co-broker who is just plain cynical or perhaps has mistreated you. Take the time to appreciate and encourage him to show that are for him and he has a friend in you. Even if he has wronged you, let love motivate you to see beyond the mistakes.

Working with toxic people is not rare. More so, it could really be a major distraction. There is no definite formula to ensure harmony, but self-control and kindness truly produce a huge impact.

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