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Convert Your Online Lead into a Sale Fast

As an ever increasing number of real estate customers are now online, the requirement for brokers to know how to convert leads into sales is more important than ever. Online leads come through a variety of channels: social media, e-mails, and website ads. Because these online channels have the ability to churn in a number of leads, real estate brokers today have more opportunities for business within reach, given that they know how to convert them into actual sales. The problem, however, is that some real estate brokers are unaware of the distinct difference in approach required to convert online leads.

Here are four ways to convert online leads into a sale fast.

  1. Respond at the soonest time possible

It’s essential to respond at the soonest possible time, but it’s not every moment that real estate brokers are available to communicate with a lead. However, acknowledging the inquiry through a simple means – an e-mail or a text back – will let clients know that their inquiry was received. Let them know when you will get back to them. By doing so, they will see that you’re committed to helping them out.

The typical customer does not expect you to be available 24 hours a day. He or she just wants to know what to expect; sometimes, a simple answer to an online query is what they need. But being available offline and online to show your clients that you mean business is key to eventually converting the lead.

2. Understand the buyer’s journey

Once communication has been established, it’s important to ask questions and identify where the buyer stands in his or her journey. If they are simply interested in searching for properties, if they’re urgently looking to move to a new area – asking questions shows that you care about the situation of the buyer. Listening to their answers will help you come up with a plan and it will help you determine how to approach working with them moving forward. Remember, you can’t give value to your clients if you don’t understand them.

It’s important to leave openings for them to ask questions to continue the conversation. Engaging in conversation with the lead develops the relationship from the beginning. If they ask questions, willingly answer; demonstrate the value that you can provide your clients and use it as a chance to display your expertise.

  1. Keep the buyer hooked

No matter where a lead comes from, it’s hard to convert anyone overnight. Just as with any other type of lead, it’s important to be persistent without being overbearing. Find reasons to stay in touch with the client after the initial conversation. If there are new properties that you can show, send them immediately and follow up on if they want to view it. If you’ve already viewed properties, ask them what they think.

  1. Offer value every step of the way

In every manner of service that you will be doing for the lead, always make sure that you offer value – be it in the manner that you converse, the language you use, and the way that you present yourself. The value you give is what your clients will remember, and when the time comes, they could bring you more business in the future. You need to be their number one resource for everything real estate, no matter how big or small.

With online leads, it’s important to identify the non-responsive (or barely responsive) prospects and gauge if it’s worth creating a personal connection with, especially after three or four attempts. The most important aspect of customer service that you can do is simply communicate back once they inquire and be there for them when they are ready and willing to complete a transaction.

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