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Dos and Don’ts for Real Estate Professionals during the Holidays

One reason why many choose a career in real estate is because of schedule flexibility. The work of a broker isn’t bound to a 9-5 schedule. It makes many professionals feel like they’re their own boss, as they have control over their day-to-day schedules. It also gives them the opportunity to do new things each day.

Schedule flexibility, however, comes with a price.

Working evenings, weekends, and holidays is some of the biggest trade-offs real estate brokers face in exchange of a flexible schedule. Especially during the holidays, when families come together and get-togethers are lined up for many evenings straight, it could get difficult to juggle work and celebration. However, building a successful real estate business requires being accommodating of clients’ schedules, even during the holidays.

While business typically slows down during the holidays, it isn’t an excuse to relax and kick back whenever December comes around. Thankfully, there are simple and easy ways to simultaneously celebrate the season and nurture one’s real estate business.

Here are simple dos and don’ts that maintain the right balance between keeping work moving while still giving time for relaxing and unwinding during the holiday season.

Do follow-up on past clients, but don’t forget to time it right.

The holidays are the perfect excuse to reach out, follow-up on past clients, and make a simple gesture that will help continue the relationship. Dropping off a gift, inviting them for coffee, or sending a personalized gift (for those who can’t find time to drop by) are just some simple yet thoughtful gestures that could go a long way into creating lifetime clients. It’s also an opportunity to multiply referrals. When reaching out, make it a point to ask if they – or someone they know – need real estate assistance.

Don’t forget, however, that clients want to enjoy the holidays as well, and they have a number of activities lined up for them as well. Others go on vacation. It’s important to communicate availability – make a call or send a message – to know if it’s a good time, or else the effort to reach out would be for naught.

Do make yourself available for clients, but don’t miss out on big personal moments.

Nothing strengthens an agent-client relationship like helping them close on a home during the most wonderful – albeit busiest – time of the year. Being available when it really counts isn’t only a good indication of the broker’s willingness to help, but it’s also a gesture that leaves a lasting impression on the client. The best way to ensure that the amount of work doesn’t get in the way of the holiday season’s celebrations is to set expectations way before the holiday seasons draws near.

At the end of the day, however, it still is the holidays. And brokers shouldn’t exempt themselves from big personal and family moments. It’s important not to let work get the better of the season. The schedule of a real estate broker is flexible, so maximize it.

Do use slow days to catch up on work, but don’t get too distracted during that time.

On slow days, it’s the perfect time to catch up on backlog projects. Begin my making a to-do list to help keep things organized. It’s the best time to answer e-mails, catch-up on new industry material, and brainstorm new ideas for the coming year.

During the hours set for working, it’s important to avoid distractions because of the limited allotment before the celebrations resume. Be productive while on the clock, and don’t let social media browsing or online shopping get in the way of the things that need to be done!

It’s not impossible to enjoy the holidays while working. It’s just a matter of refining that perfect blend of work and rest during the holidays.

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