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Dos and Don’ts While Out With a Client

Basic acts of courtesy do not suffice when dealing with clients. It’s important to be careful especially during a viewing for their prospect home. Formal meetings may bring out the worst in anyone. It might unconsciously happen to you. It might cause you to lose a client.


Here are a few do’s and don’ts while out with client:

  1. Do your homework.

Prepare the things you will need. Create an itinerary or a guideline for the meeting and inform your client beforehand. Clients need to have an idea of what is about to happen so you won’t lose their interest. Should you be eating out, be ready with a list of restaurants in hand. A simple weather check and traffic forecast would also be nice.

  1.  Don’t get too comfortable.

Just because you are in a more relaxed setting, doesn’t mean you should be too comfortable. When on the road, there’s really a lot of dead air to fill in. While this is a time to get to know your client on a personal level, stick to questions that are factual rather than opinionated.

  1. Do listen attentively.

Your full attention is required while you are with your client. Act as if nothing the only thing that matters to you during that moment is your client’s welfare. Be genuine. Jot down important details on a small notepad, if necessary. Ask questions if you need to clarify things. Do not part ways with your client if you have unanswered questions.

  1. Don’t check your phone all the time.

This is self-explanatory. Do not check your e-mail while out with a client. Avoid using your phone while talking to a client. The only use your phone when you need to save a number or if you want to show a photo of home designs that would encourage your client to buy the property.

  1. Do mind how you look.

In this kind of business, looking sharp is one of your edges. How you present yourself implies how much you value your client. Don’t show up with an untucked shirt or a top that is too revealing. Double check if there are holes or on your blazer. Let’s be realistic; your client will judge your appearance before your service. Bring a handkerchief with you. The hot weather is no excuse to melt in your suit. Bring a compact powder if you’re oily. Yes, even if you are a guy. Check on your posture. Stand straight so you won’t look lazy or tired.

These tips do not guarantee instant success, but they would surely make your clients feel that they are valued.

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