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Four Attributes of Successful Real Estate Brokers

There’s no one recipe to being a successful broker. The mere measure of success varies from one broker to another. However, whether it be to close more deals and earn more money, to develop and maintain long-term connections, or to gain more exposure in the broker community, success is the goal that all brokers must desire to attain.

Whatever specific measure of success is set in a broker’s mind, achieving it requires a strong set of positive habits. Attaining goals requires continual growth as a person and as an industry professional, and choosing to remain stagnant will only be detrimental to one’s career.  There’s no assurance of success for those who just “go with the flow”; instead, the diligent implementation of certain habits into daily or weekly routines set top brokers apart.

Here are four habits that every successful real estate broker should practice as they chase after success.

  1. Time Blocking

Time blocking helps ensure that brokers stay on track with all the activities that they need to do without being overwhelmed. Manage daily and weekly schedules to allot sufficient time for specific activities. Time blocking helps establish what activities or appointments are urgent or require more attention.

Certain hours should be allotted for acting on leads, making phone calls, or following up on clients. Scheduled viewings or meetings with clients should also be planned out with enough time in between for rest. It’s important not to bite off more than what you can chew; pacing one’s self helps avoid burnouts.

  1. Dressing the Part

In almost every business, appearance plays an important part in guaranteeing success. Some clients could judge a broker’s appearance and immediately develop a positive or negative perception about them. Real estate professionals are encouraged to dress in a way that reflects who they are as well as the market they desire to engage.

No matter how knowledgeable you are about what you’re doing or how fluent you are in speaking, brokers must not disregard the importance of dressing professionally. First impressions always last, so it’s vital to look one’s best.

  1. Focusing on the Relationship

Cultivating good business relationships are beneficial for sales. Switching the focus from securing commission to nurturing the relationship with the client helps strengthen the trust that they place on a broker. It’s important to treat each client with respect and warmth and communicate with them authentically.

Broker-client relationships will thrive with utmost professionalism. It’s imperative that tact be maintained throughout the dialogue with clients no matter where communication is taking place. It’s also important for the broker to get to know the client and vice versa. After all, the client is placing their belief on the broker to lead them to the home they desire.

  1. Keeping Up to Date with Technology

Adept use of technology allows brokers to work with their mobile phones or tablets while traveling or from home. Being tech-savvy also means equipping one’s self with the knowledge to leverage social media apps where clients are present. Keeping up to date with technology eases the work for a broker, an advancement that allows more to be accomplished in a day.

These attributes are key components in any successful real estate broker’s career. Embracing and incorporating these will surely bear fruits of success.

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