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How to be a Real Estate Broker in the Philippines

The undeniable growth of the real estate industry in the country is manifested by the increasing number of residential properties and even commercial real estates in the market. This continuous growth in real estate is convincing many Filipinos to pursue a career in being a real estate broker. The profession is a promising one since aside from being financially rewarding, being a real estate broker allows you to earn while being flexible with your time.

The real estate career in the Philippines is regulated by Republic Act 9646 also known as the Real Estate Service Act (RESA) which now requires real estate practitioners to take a licensure examination. Section 12 of RA 9646 states that,

“Every applicant seeking to be registered and licensed as a real estate service practitioner, except a real estate salesperson, shall undergo an examination as provided for in this Act. Examinations for the practice of real estate service in the Philippines shall be given by the Board (Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service) at least once every year in such places and dates as the Commission may designate”.

Do you have what it takes to be a licensed real estate broker? Source: channelvision.com.au

Here are the steps on how to be a licensed real estate broker in the Philippines

  1. Be eligible to take the licensure exam.

In order to be admitted to the licensure examination for real estate service, a candidate shall, at the time of filing his/her application, establish to the satisfaction of the Board that he/she possesses the following qualifications:

  • A citizen of the Philippines;
  • Possess good moral character, and must not have been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude
  • A holder of a relevant bachelor’s degree from a state university or college, or other educational institution duly recognized by the CHED (provided that as soon as a course leading to a Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate Service is implemented by the CHED, the Board shall make this course a requirement for taking the licensure examination);

Under last qualification, a number of schools are already offering the Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management (B.S. REM) course such as the following universities and colleges in Manila:

  • Philippine Christian University
  • College of Saint Benilde
  • Lyceum of Alabang
  • Informatics International College-Diliman
  • Trinity University of Asia
  • and Manila Business College.

If an applicant is not a graduate of B.S. Real Estate Management, he or she is required to earn 120 units of the required continuing professional education (CPE) at an accredited real estate service training provider.

  1. Complete the application with Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC).

Upon assessment and approval, the Board of Real Estate Service of the PRC will issue the permit to the applicant, in order for him or her to take the exam.

The applicant must submit the following documents:

    1. Original and photocopy of certificate of birth from the National Statistics Office or valid Philippine passport
    2. Original and photocopy of transcript of records or college diploma
    3. Original and photocopy of notarized certification by employer of the applicant’s years of experience, or prerequisite Certificate of Registration, Professional Identification Card, or DTI license
    4. Clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)
    5. Original and photocopy of duly notarized certificate from the accredited seminar or training provider
    6. Community tax certificate
    7. Four colored passport-size pictures with white background and complete nametag, and other documents in accordance with the requirements set by the PRC

These documents must be submitted to the PRC in order for the applicant to pay the required fees, after which the PRC will issue a permit to take the exam. The exam is held in testing centers in several cities across the Philippines (Manila, Baguio, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi City, and Lucena).

  1. Take and Pass the Real Estate Broker Licensure Exam (REBLEX)

Here are some guides that can help you prepare for the licensure exam:

  • Things you need to know
  • Review center for the examination

If you wish to become a licensed real estate broker, start learning the tricks of the trade as early as now by:

    1. Reading books about sales and the real estate industry
    2. Practice using apps for real estate brokers
    3. Learn which real estates you want to focus in
    4. Take a personality quiz if you’re fit to be a broker

Here’s a REBLEX Reviewer that you can download for free!

There you have it! Do you have other tips on how to become a licensed real estate broker in the Philippines? Share your thoughts below.

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