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How to Build Trust in Real Estate through Social Media

Social media is a pivotal tool in generating online leads for real estate businesses these days, yet many brokers still fail to maximize its benefits. There are many opportunities online for real estate brokers to advertise properties and communicate with a wider target market. By maintaining an online presence, they also expand their networks and connect with other real estate professionals.

The effective use of social media platforms requires a specific strategy; one can be well aware of the tools available but not of how to use it to generate more business. The right way to leverage these online tools is to make each platform an extension of one’s real estate business. Effective marketers approach social media much like they approach being social offline – with set goals and clear intentions.

Effective use of social media in real estate should result in reaching more potential clients. The impact of social media is crucial, as it provides the support needed to establish trust. Through what is posted online, a broker can reinforce his or her reputation and be set apart from the competition.

Establish authority

First-time clients are more likely to trust authorities or experts in a certain industry or on a particular topic. As real estate professionals, the quality of content shared on social media will help establish this sense of authority. It’s key to share content that’s timely and relevant; there must be a balance of new research or industry developments with insights and advice that encourage conversation. Content shouldn’t be thrown left and right without careful planning. Diversity in content plays a big role in keeping interest while preventing any repetition and monotony.

Nurture engagement

The purpose of social media is simple: to socialize. It creates opportunities for individuals to interact and engage even when they’re not together. What is posted online should elicit a response from the audience, and from there, engagement must be nurtured. When questions are asked, brokers have the responsibility of answering. When more interaction takes place, the more people will reach out. This builds one’s reputation as available and answerable to his or her clients.

Interaction should always be professional, as it also solidifies one’s position as an industry authority. In turn, people will be more confident when it comes to reaching out or even working with the broker in the future. Using a stiff, almost robotic approach for interacting with customers is a bad idea. A human touch proves more effective as it gives clients a sense that the broker is empathizing with them.

Practice brand consistency

Staying on brand is extremely important when inspiring trust. This requires careful examination of the content that is published on social media. Social media has the ability to quickly go viral, and one slip up in brand consistency could cost the entire business. Apart from maintaining appearance – identifiable brand colors, a memorable logo – it’s being consistent with brand values that builds a professional, reliable image for a broker and his or her business.

These values should reflect in each content that is put on social media. Consistency has to be felt across all areas. A strong brand can easily develop a loyal following of potential clients.

Social media has the power to reach a diverse audience online. Real estate brokers who can use these tools to build trust will help strengthen their reputation and get ahead of the competition.

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