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How to Handle the Most Challenging Types of Real Estate Clients

Brokers need to be armed with well-thought-out strategies for dealing with the various personalities that they encounter on a daily basis. Emotions can run high during real estate transactions, and difficult client relationships can cause a deal not to push through. No two clients (whether difficult or not) are exactly alike, and brokers are faced with the challenge of constantly thinking on their toes and wisely addressing concerns in real-time.

Many times, challenging clients are caused by deeply rooted issues. Overcoming these issues lies in the hands of a broker and his or her ability to thrive under the pressures of challenging client personalities. The most successful real estate agents, however, know how to identify these issues and make the best decisions to move the situation forward. They know how to address them respectfully and professionally.

The common challenging types of real estate clients include the non-listener, the constant complainer, the pessimist, and the undecided house hunter. The non-listener is one who fails to heed the advice of his or her agent. Meanwhile, the constant complainer is one who rants excessively and fails to recognize the efforts of the agent. The pessimist, on the other hand, seems to find something wrong with everything the broker shows or with the recommendations they give, while the undecided house hunter fails to identify the home he wants from the one he needs.

Dealing with the Non-Listener

The best way to deal with clients who don’t seem to heed advice is to find the middle ground with the direction they strongly believe is the path to take. Point out areas that might not work, but provide alternatives for the client to consider. If the non-listener continues to make decisions on their own, it indicates a lack of respect for their broker.

Dealing with the Constant Complainer

The easiest way to deal with constant complainers is to give them time to rant and rave. Giving them enough time to verbalize their issue will help let off steam. After enough time has been given to rant, interrupt the client and echo what was jut said, showing empathy, then reassure the client. Speaking words of encouragement will cool their minds and provide comfort.

Dealing with the Pessimist

Negative clients strain their relationships with their brokers. The best way to deal with these clients is to do a conversation switch. Listen briefly to the client’s rants, but find an opening to turn the discussion towards something more positive. Discuss what went well with the viewing, discuss what makes their home a good catch in the market. Turn the conversation around to something more positive will help change the perspective of pessimistic clients on things.

Dealing with the Undecided Buyer

Many clients need the help of their broker to distinguish what they need from what they want. Though this will require compromises on the buyer’s end, it’s a step forward compared to browsing numerous properties only to be left unsure of what they want. Brokers constantly need to remind their clients of what they’re able to afford and what they aren’t, but when they begin to see various properties, it opens avenues for indulging in a bit of ambition. Brokers have the responsibility to keep their clients focused.

It’s important for agents to step back from whatever difficult situation they find themselves in to firstly identify the type of client they’re working with. From there, they can react confidently to their problems. Additionally, by being flexible to their clients’ needs, brokers demonstrate their value as experts, consultants, and allies.

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