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How to Maintain a Good Relationship with Clients

Forming good relationships with clients is essential to the success of any business. It is particularly true to a service-based industry such as real estate. Client’s loyalty is often a result of a well-maintained relationship.

Numerous studies have already proven that there are more chances of selling to existing customers than to new prospects. Following this premise, it only makes sense to build and develop your relationship with them. It requires time and effort to attain loyal customers, but the promise of a great result makes it all worth it.



These three simple tips will help you maintain a good relationship with your clients:

Earn trust

In every relationship, no matter which aspect in life, trust will always be its foundation. Without earning this, a relationship is not quite possible. It’s what will drive your prospects to listen and believe you in the first place.

  • Trust is not just given away to strangers. Learn how to build their confidence in you before anything else. Warm introductions are always more inviting than an upfront cold call. Get to know them and let them get to know you. It doesn’t need to be too elaborate. A simple inquiry on how they found you could do the trick. Listen and understand their unique needs.
  • Expressing authenticity is never apart from earning trust. It’s best exercised through honesty and transparency. Being honest is when you present your client to truthful information about the property. Never provide half-truths just to confuse them. Being transparent, on the other hand, is when your client is able to learn these things without you. Clients are more inclined to believe you when they can see it for themselves.

Practice consistency

Actions speak louder than words. You’ve heard this a million times yet it remains true. Now that you’ve earned their trust, show them your commitment by treasuring it. Once you start taking their trust for granted, you will definitely start losing them.

  • Keep your promises. For some, that sentence is more doable in negative form: don’t say promises you can’t keep. It’s much easier to manage realistic terms rather than meet unbelievable expectations.
  • Always give them your 100%. After the first transaction, the tendency to fall out of your momentum is quite unavoidable. However, complacency can badly damage the established relationship.

Stay organized

With the number of clients you will be handling, no doubt it will cause you to neglect some. As part of your practice, it is important to keep a systemized strategy solely to maintain this relationship. This strategy should serve as a template for all your clients. Each client may have unique needs but in most cases, a standard protocol for each step can save a whole lot of your precious time.

Follow a format and a routinely schedule. Find something that works best for you then, make it a habit. This should include a detailed outline of your meeting agenda down to a specific checklist of important characteristics of your client. In addition, proper delegation of tasks on a per day or per segment basis should help you remember it more. Your mind works best on a schedule.

If you follow these simple tips, you’ll surely find it easier to maintain a good relationship with your client. Remember that working on a good relationship with your client can help make you more successful and enhance your chance of getting more work in the future.

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