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New Year’s Resolution List for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents have a very exciting profession since the industry demands for constantly changing attitude of its players. Although the real estate business will certainly boom this year, brokers must be able to keep up with the challenges ahead. Being aggressive with the right amount of flexibility is needed to ensure that they will reach their goals and improve their performance for next year.

Hence, we came up with a list of New Year’s Resolutions to guide real estate agents for a better performance this year.

  1. Make a List of Your Goals

Number one on the list is to write down your target sales and goals for 2015 first. This will give you a clear cut idea on what to prioritize as you plan for bolder aspirations. Just keep in mind the SMART principle. Make your objectives – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

  1. Create your sales and marketing strategy plan.

Experience is one of the best mentors of real estate agents. Strategy plans should be based on your past experiences with clients when it comes to their changing demands. For newbies, this will not be a problem since you can always seek advice from more experienced agents. Do not be afraid to ask questions but at the same time, trust your intuition and perception based on your encounters with buyer and renters.

  1. Organize and Personalize

Categorize your listings of properties in a more efficient manner depending on the types of your clients, location and the demand. This will make your everyday dealings less stressful and save you more time and energy in dealing with other things. In addition, try to update your customer data as well for more opportunities next year.

  1. Pursue OFW Clients

Focus on the Overseas Filipino Workers market since they are looking for investments. Try to make extra effort through research to specialize in meeting their demands when it comes to their priorities in buying properties.

  1. Keep Track of Your Everyday Expenditure

Be mindful of your business expenses and try to compare it to your sales. With this practice, you would be able to ascertain how much you are really earning and discern important from unnecessary expenses.

  1. Save and Invest

Start saving from the proceeds of your commissions. Check how much you can give up from your unnecessary expenses and set a percentage of savings you must keep monthly or per sale. Ideally, you must be able to set aside 40% of your commissions per closed deal or sale and try to place it in a time deposit instrument.

  1. Be Available Online

Improve your presence online. Write a blog, start creating social media accounts or even a website in order to market your listings and reach a bigger number of clients.

  1. Learn Something New Everyday

Grab an opportunity to handle a big and complicated property in order to learn more about the industry. A great example would be selling a property which is part of an extrajudicial settlement. These types of situations would make you more knowledgeable in other aspects surrounding the real estate business such as the Law on Property and many more.

  1. Dress Up and Be the Best Broker You Can Be

Improve your manner of speaking and dressing up to impress clients. Try to practice in front of a mirror or observe how more experienced real estate brokers excel during viewings.

  1. Link Up with Other Players in the Real Estate Community

Attend as many real estate networking activities as you can to expand your network in the business. This will not just create opportunities for more commissions. Much more, you can meet new friends who will eventually become your partners in the industry.

These are just a few of the many New Year’s resolutions real estate agents must try to achieve to improve their standing and performance in the profession. You can check out more tips  on how to be a better real estate professional in our blog.

Do you have anything in mind to add? Share your views and suggestions by commenting on this blog post. Have a prosperous and inspiring new year!

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