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Understanding What the Digital Real Estate Customer Really Wants

There is a widely recognized new breed of homebuyers that compose a huge percentage of the current real estate market – and they are online.

These digital real estate customers are the biggest contributors to how the industry has evolved in recent years. The growth of digital media and technology has forced real estate companies to innovate their business models, aiming to provide more for their clients through the new mediums that have become such a giant force in people’s lives. Previous policies and philosophies that now seem dated are being replaced with tools more creative and methods more experiential. Customer behavior has also significantly changed due to online culture, and real estate businesses have had to change the way they approach buyers and communicate with them.

A great deal of information is within the reach of these digital customers. Buyers are now more intentional with the extensive research they can do and are doing; they are more specific and deliberate with what they want. They can find out anything they want to know about a certain property, research the lifestyle in the neighborhood, and even go on virtual viewings simply through the use of their smartphones. Digital tools have reshaped the real estate industry, and brokers are presented with the pressure to understand at this tech savvy market wants.

A reliable source of content

Online homebuyers have more options than ever before, with the proliferation of real estate listings sites that allow them to shop for properties on their phones and computers. But the quality of the content in these sites tend to vary, and this is one inconsistency that brokers can take advantage of.

High-quality curated content that can instantly grab the attention of the targeted audience makes a big difference in today’s market. These days, customer service begins through simply providing high quality photos or videos for the digital client to browse. There’s no replacing actual property viewings with an agent or broker, but technology has enabled 360 videos and VR viewings to become a new norm in real estate. If brokers can provide their clients with content from the get-go – and fast – the home buying process can take off.

A neighborhood expert

Real estate buyers want an insider look at the neighborhood, the distance to the surrounding areas, and a glimpse of the lifestyle to be expected. Modern homebuyers desire to find the right home for them, but they also want to ensure that they maintain or achieve a certain lifestyle together with their big move.

Agents who recognize this know the value of being knowledgeable of the neighborhood. This poses as the perfect opportunity for brokers to establish their expertise of the neighborhood and to provide information beyond what can be found online.

A customer journey

Real estate brokers have always been encouraged to provide service above and beyond, functioning as a homebuyer’s partner and not just an agent. Homebuyers who work with real estate brokers want an ally who can guide them through the entire process and help them succeed.

Today, interested homebuyers can stay in touch with their broker through messaging apps and social media, which has made communication between broker, client, and seller more convenient. But technology has also opened avenues for customer experiences to be elevated, with the journey becoming even more comfortable every step of the way, from finding potential homes, touring those properties, and ultimately signing closing papers.

These online buyers might love house hunting on the internet, but a personal connection with a dependable agent who provides reliable content, accurate information, and exceptional service will fill in any gaps in the process.

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