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Unlock Social Media Success for Your Real Estate Brand in 5 Ways

Real estate has always been a business that upholds the value of people. The industry is a made up of several agencies all working together in an elaborate ecosystem of interconnected people. But on top of that, there is one other existing channel that plays a big role in the process of real estate business: social media.

Anyone who has been in the real estate industry knows that communication is essential to building trust in one’s client base. Social media has become a major lead generator for real estate businesses, and professionals in the industry have had to sharpen their knowledge of the proper use of these platforms. Because buyers these days can browse for homes online, leads can come through a variety of channels. With social media practices implemented efficiently and effectively, brokers can easily convert these online leads into sales fast. Unfortunately, many realtors don’t know how to maximize social media to benefit their work.

Effective use of social media begins with developing a strong brand. A brand identity is the who, what, how, why, and where of a company. This identity serves as the anchor for all aspects of communicating the brand, and it is what will strengthen its online presence.

It’s a personality, a visual representation of the company that should not only be memorable but also engaging enough to cultivate new customers. A real estate brand identity will essentially be what customers will know and remember about the business. Although it takes time to fully establish, brands can accelerate their success in these simple ways.

  1. Choose the right channel

There is no doubt that there is an overwhelming amount of social media channels readily available to choose from. Choosing the right one to strengthen a real estate brand, however, often requires a little bit of trial-and-error. The chosen platform has to match the strategies of the business and the online behavior of the target market.

Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are equipped for displaying high-resolution photographs of the homes and could generate leads for luxury properties. Meanwhile, Facebook, which has a marketplace, is an effective platform for posting listings and connecting with interested clients fast.

Choosing fewer channels does not mean a weak brand presence. If even just one platform is maximized, its success is measured by the progress of the brand’s strengthening.

  1. Optimize each platform

Optimizing the chosen platform is essential to ensure more success. Upload photographs and videos when possible, as it has been proven that more visual content increases social media engagement. Those online tend to scroll through their feeds until something catches their eye, and images are more likely to command attention than a text post.

One way to get more social media attention is by using hashtags. A particular hashtag provides a way for users to communicate with one another on a certain topic in real time. A larger online audience finds content through the use of hashtags.

  1. Be purposeful in creating content

It’s important to remember the primary reason for using social media: it generates more leads. Keep that five-letter word top of mind with all social media efforts. Always have a response option — call, e-mail, etc. — so readers can easily inquire, and have a strategy to reply quickly to any and all leads. Make sure to consistently check up on each social media platform that the brand utilizes and to be purposeful in using its features.

  1. Practice communication consistency

Consistency on social media applies to many aspects of brand communication. It means sticking to the same tone and language, posting relevant content, and having a unified design aesthetic across the board. Overall, being consistent means that the brand’s social media audience knows what to expect from the page. When the brand is familiar, it becomes the top of mind resource for something, and this can only be achieved through consistency.

  1. Participate in online communities

Digital communities are groups of people on the internet discussing a common interest or topic. These communities can be found on different social media platforms. Some use groups, others use channels. It’s important to find a group or several groups where the brand can be effectively promoted to the targeted audience.

Being active in online communities, however, requires certain responsibilities. As a brand that provides real estate content, it’s important to stay on top of industry news. These efforts will improve the brand’s credibility and generate quality brand awareness.

Whether just starting out or a seasoned veteran, the way in which the business is branded will contribute to its success in the future. Done right, it will transform ordinary consumers into loyal followers of the brand.

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