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Ways Real Estate Brokers Can Stay at the Top of their Game

Whether you’re a veteran of real estate or barely getting your bearings, it’s vital to accept the real estate industry is ever-evolving. It’s easy to get left behind with the developments that affect each aspect of real estate. Thus, it’s vital in one’s career to keep abreast of the changing facets of real estate. Not being able to do so could be detrimental to one’s career.

There’s constant pressure among real estate brokers to be aware of what’s happening in the industry. There is a continued growth in the Philippine real estate scene as foreseen by experts from around the world. This is due partially to the rise in properties available – both residential and commercial – in Metro Manila and in other townships and the convenience of online property portals, and brokers are encouraged to take hold of the opportunities that lie in front of them.

Additionally, the fact that more Filipinos are beginning to invest in real estate confirms the wide open market available. This consumption-driven market, as pointed out by Santos Knight Frank (SKF) CEO Rick Santos, is one reason why the Philippine real estate is sustaining its momentum. Real estate brokers are encouraged to tap into the myriad of properties available to meet the rising demand – especially for condominiums according to research by JLL Philippines.

This progress in the local real estate scene has made being a broker a viable career option for many young professionals. However, this also means that it’s become increasingly difficult to stand out as a broker.  It’s integral in any profession that one never stops learning in their craft and never stops searching for ways to expand knowledge.

The following are three areas where brokers can place their focus to make sure that they stay at the top of their game.

Build a network and connect with them often

At the onset of every broker’s career in real estate, it’s imperative that the importance of maintaining a network be recognized. This should then compel you to find a network of brokers and go out to meet people with the intention of developing connections. These connections need not be with just fellow brokers either.

Connections come with access to a greater diversity of information. Whether it be an expert in real estate legalities or an economist who can predict patterns of prices, supply, or demand, having someone with the right knowledge one phone call away will surely help in your work.

This is also why connecting and reconnecting with them is important. By reaching out to meet with them, you not only show your willingness to go out of the way for them, but that they matter to you. You can even discuss personal or professional matters. What matters is that you are visible among their network of connections and that they remain in yours.

Attend seminars and networking events

One way to get ahead in terms of skill and knowledge is investing in your own learning and attending seminars or events. You’ll never know what you can pick up by being in the presence of industry experts and fellow brokers. Participate in seminars that could benefit you in the future: property marketing, real estate photography, or sales tips.

It’s also vital to stay in the know regarding any legal matters that affect the property market. The revisions on Philippine TRAIN Law that came into effect at the onset of 2018 shifted many aspects of the economy, real estate included.

Use technology to increase online presence

At an age where almost everything is available on the web, technology is a tool that real estate brokers should capitalize on to increase their presence online.

Nowadays, majority of clients browse property portals to find their next home. By having your listings available on a site, you increase the chances of generating more leads and eventually more sales. It’s key to partner with a property portal that places high regard on partnering with brokers.

Moreover, setting up a digital profile – whether it be on social media sites or through the use of a blog – could help solidify your presence. By being active on social media, you open avenues of communication between you and potential clients.

Being the best real estate broker entails the unceasing drive to equip one’s self with the right knowledge and skills to guarantee success and be better than best.

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