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Ways to Get Listings as a Starting-Out Real Estate Broker

Listings are the bread and butter of real estate brokers; without them, there won’t be leads. A rookie broker knows that getting listings can be difficult and is never a small task. In fact, even veteran brokers continue to attend networking events, go to developers, and join groups in order to get listings. Nevertheless, with the right perspective and persistence, newcomers in the industry can be ahead of the game.

Here are ways to get listings as a starting-out real estate broker:

Attend networking events

Networking events offer an avenue where brokers can learn from the talks of industry experts. But more than just gaining new knowledge, it is also a perfect opportunity for real estate professionals to socialize and to establish connections. New and old brokers go to events to get their names out there by talking to other participants and by offering their service. Never be afraid to meet new people and to introduce yourself. While many real estate brokers are territorial, connections matter the most to them.

Join real estate groups

Real estate brokers join real estate groups to find clients and to work with other brokers. There are groups where if you become a partner broker, you get access to thousands of listings that you can manage either without upfront cost or with a membership fee. Real estate groups make getting listings and finding clients easier than doing everything on your own. These groups also provide exclusive training and seminars to its members to equip them to be better professionals.

Go to open houses

It is a mistake to think that the only people who go to open houses are buyers as these buyers could also be sellers who wish to sell their home before buying a new one. Whether or not they are looking for a broker to help them sell their property, politely asking if they already have an agent can lead to a mutually-beneficial partnership.

Visit properties with “for sale” or “for rent” signs

This method is a tad traditional, but proven-by-years-of-practice effective. Typically, when a house has “for sale” or “for rent” signage, the owner has decided to manage his property alone, without the help of any professional. Introduce yourself and offer to him your service. Without being pushy, inform him of the benefits – finding the right buyer, marketing the property, being free from the hassle of paperwork – of hiring a real estate broker. If he sees the value of your network and connections, and that you can market and sell or rent out his property more than he can, he might let you be the broker for his property.

These techniques when done with diligence and integrity can help you get listings. Be in the habit of building and establishing relationships as the real estate industry is a people-industry.


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