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What are the traits that make a real estate broker successful?

Numbers – most people think – rule the sales industry. While there is a grain of truth in that statement, sales transactions are never just about the number of closed deals for salespeople. They know that more than the quota that they must meet, they first need to understand the products or services they offer. Moreover, their success heavily relies on their ability to persuade customers.

For real estate brokers, a signed contract is only one of the proofs of their toil. Meeting with clients, accomplishing paperwork, ensuring that both the seller and buyer do not experience any hassle during the sales process, their work requires interpersonal skills and comprehension of the nitty-gritty of sales transactions. What, then, are the traits that make a real estate broker successful?


It may not always be obvious, but confidence attracts clients, and the way we clothe ourselves can do wonders to our confidence. Brokers must look presentable when meeting with clients. That means grooming should never take a backseat. More so, they should observe their body language and etiquette when doing transactions to ensure that they only convey confidence and respect. Also, as cliché as it may sound, they should never forget to wear their best smile.

Hunger for growth

If we stop learning, we will inevitably reach a plateau in our growth. Hence, no matter how good we believe we are, there will always be areas of our life that would need improvement. In the constantly changing real estate industry, it is important for brokers to learn constantly also, as being adaptive is a valued skill in the industry. They need to keep abreast of any innovations in the real estate landscape. Moreover, attending seminars does much. They provide an avenue where one can learn, expand his network, and possibly gain clients.

Notable organizational skills

Every salesperson can close a deal, but not everyone can do it with ease. An organized broker sets specific goals and has an I-will-do-it-the-best-way-I-can attitude. Identify and eliminate unnecessary tasks to save time and to focus on the more urgent and important ones. Reduce distractions always. Ultimately, it is crucial for brokers to evaluate the way they handle clients and carry out transactions, as being organized is more than just timetables and a clean desk.

Genuine care for clients

A real estate broker can close countless deals, but if he is only doing it for the sake of earning, he will eventually burn himself out. It always pays to work with purpose. The industry pays salespeople well and they can – even unknowingly – make money their foremost motivation, but that should never be the case. Remember: quality over quantity. In that case, providing quality service is better than having many deals to close. Brokers should carefully listen to the requirements of their clients. They must never impose. Rather, they must always strive to provide personalized and appropriate solutions. Furthermore, they must be honest and reliable at every stage of the sales process, as their reputation is on the line. In the end, it is safe to say that without genuine concern for clients, mistakes are certain.

There is no perfect formula to make a successful real estate broker. Nevertheless, with the right mindset, skills, and attitude, a broker can do well in his career with little to no struggle.

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