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Why Customer Experience Matters More in Modern Real Estate

Shaping customer experience in modern real estate basically means creating a journey for the client. It’s one where the client partners with an agent or broker as he navigates and participates in certain events that lead up to the purchase. 

Aspects of it are self-guided, where the client can make use of the tools available to him, such as browsing properties on an online portal. Real estate has transformed drastically with the introduction of digital tools. Thus, the modern day buyer is more empowered. There’s the internet, social media, reviews, and influencer marketing – forms of digital content that grants customers access to unlimited knowledge right at their fingertips. 

With digital tools playing a significant role in today’s real estate transactions, the role of a broker has shifted considerably. It’s no secret that buyers are doing most of the home search process themselves, but that doesn’t mean real estate brokers are obsolete. Clients can find potential properties online – but that’s as far as the digital platform’s power goes. At the end of the day, they’ll need an agent to help them view the home, craft their offer, and oversee the documentation.

But what real estate brokers have within their utmost control is the experience they can offer their clients. It’s the best way to build customer loyalty in a service industry like real estate.

Customer experience is a product of understanding the client

One way to look at customer experience is to see that it’s the point where brokers can offer their clients things that technology cannot. This includes knowledge about processes in the local area, negotiation skills, and the ability to empathize with their clients. Ultimately, it’s the agent being a human companion – and not a digital one – that makes a big difference in the transaction.

There’s an emotional investment that comes with customer experience. It’s always important to remember that when people consider a home, they are looking at it through the lens of their own dreams. They ask themselves: Is this what I truly want? Real estate brokers have the responsibility to understand the motivation that drives the client to rent or buy a certain type of property, or even why they’re simply considering moving in the first place.

If it’s the neighborhood that attracts, it’s important to supplement it with information about the lifestyle there. If it’s the type of property that motivates, understand the need or want for it.

Customer experience is an avenue to earn a client’s trust

Clients will undoubtedly ask questions and expect answers from their brokers. But it’s important to include the action needed to be taken to solve whatever issues are at hand. It doesn’t just make the experience more seamless, but it proves the effectiveness of the broker.

It takes a conscious effort to improve one’s customer service, but it’s not an impossible task. In today’s real estate landscape, customer service should be directed towards making sure that the experience is memorable for the client – one that would create lifetime clients and multiply business referrals in the long run. 

Whether it be the little things like attending meetings on time or sending a celebratory gift upon their move in, providing a stand-out customer experience will propel a broker towards more success.

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