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How to Effectively Advertise Your Property in the Digital Age

Long before the rise of property portals, online marketplaces, and 3D virtual home tours, people had few resources to use when it came to selling their home. But with the rapid development of digital tools and social media, these limitations were addressed. Now, anyone who has a property to sell can reach more potential buyers when they advertise their property online. You can also enjoy more power over the way you want to advertise, given the number of ways they can do so.

Almost all interested modern home buyers will start searching for properties online. By ignoring the possible benefits of marketing a property online, you risk losing out on getting exposure from potential buyers.

Here are five ways to effectively advertise your property online:

Showcase the home through photos

Good photos almost always guarantee interest. Listings with quality photos will stand out amid the thousands uploaded online. When showcasing a home, value the exterior as much as the interiors. Take pictures on a sunny day, or if the weather is dull, switch on every light in the house and open windows. If you want to take things a step further, you can also do a video home tour whether through a Youtube video or Instagram stories.

Paint an image of the home through an appealing property description

A property description highlighting your home’s best features helps generate interest. When creating a property description, indicate all the important details about the home. This includes the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the available parking spaces, because this lets them see if your home has what they need. Then, highlight distinctive features like a spacious gazebo, a swimming pool, or even a roof deck for hosting parties — the things they would want to have that your home can provide.

Home buyers are also interested to know about the life in the neighborhood they will move into. Conclude the property description with a brief preview about the lifestyle of the community who lives in that area.

Use social media give your property more visibility

The very “social” nature of social media means that even non-buyers can actively engage in discovering, sharing, and promoting your listing. This is especially effective when you have good photos, because it increases its potential to be shared. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, providing more exposure for your listing — especially when it doesn’t cost anything to post — could just be what you need to sell your home.

Aside from your own efforts of posting on social media, ask your friends to share it as well. This simple tactic lets hundreds, or even thousands, view your home.

Engage with customers to foster interest

When a client shows an interest in your home, it’s your job to help foster that interest. Even a simple comment on your post could be an opening for you to start a conversation. Be diligent about responding to messages on time. It’s best to respond within 24 hours of the initial contact. If you’re slow to respond, you might lose out on a serious buyer.

Partner with a real estate broker to sell faster

Real estate brokers and agents stay connected with their network. These networks give them a chance to share listings with one another or find clients for each other. When you partner with a real estate broker, you not only sell with the guidance of an expert, but you also tap into their network. With one quick message sent out to their co-brokers, they might find someone who’s looking to move into your neighborhood.

In this technology-driven age, it’s crucial for home sellers to learn how to maximize the digital tools available for them to use to advertise their home and reach more potential buyers.

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