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Where to Invest – House, Condo, Townhouse or Apartment?

It is an unspoken aspiration that everyone wants to buy and own a home. However, considerations of one’s lifestyle, financial status, and long-term plans play an important role in choosing what type of home a person should own. When investing, everyone should be knowledgeable about the advantages and disadvantages of buying a desired type of property.

To help you decide, here is a list of the pros and cons of owning a specific kind of home:

A. House and Lot

Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa | RS3736082


  1. Ownership and Utter Control of the Property

Ownership of the house guarantees that you have the last decision on everything. The interior furnishings, the number of rooms, and the details of the exterior can be remodeled or changed based on your preference. Thus, your home can be improved with flexibility.

  1. Better Quality of Life

Owning a house ensures that you are unrestricted to maximize and live out your freedom. No one would dictate how loud you can play your music or how long or short the duration of your parties should be. Furthermore, having your own home denotes a higher quality of living. It offers more space for socializing with friends and relatives, playing with your kids, or just leisurely walking alone.

  1. Maximized Privacy

You do not have to worry about your neighbors being nosy since your house does not have to be in close proximity to their houses. Buying your own house signifies that you will acquire an additional personal space.


  1. Repair and Maintenance Responsibilities

As the owner of the house, you are responsible for all the repairs and maintenance. It may include inexpensive repairs like replacing a faucet to costly repairs like fixing a broken water or sewer line.

  1. No Amenities

If you desire to take a dip in the pool, enjoy the fresh air at the park with your family or hit the gym, you need to go out and search for a place that offers these amenities – not unless your house is complete with such facilities.

  1. Distance

Some houses are situated in areas that are far from the city. It implies that a longer travel time to reach offices, schools, and commercial establishments is needed.

B. Condominium

Proscenium at Rockwell, Makati | RR2275981


  1. Proximity

Condominiums are mostly nearby commercial business districts. It is preferred by young professionals and students who take into consideration the proximity of their place to universities, offices, or commercial establishments.

  1. Little Maintenance and Convenience

Owners do not have to worry about the hassle of mowing and maintaining a yard, landscaping, or repairing the roof. If it is enough for you to get your arms around internal furnishings and such, owning a condominium unit is suitable for you. Also, it is an advantage for people who travel frequently or those who have busy lifestyles.

  1. Guaranteed Security

Many condominiums offer full security services, gated or locked entries, and monitored elevators and walkways. If security concerns you, having these safety measures can be a major perk.


  1. Limited Privacy

Unit owners share walls and live in close proximity to each other. In high-rise buildings, your condo unit may be located above or below someone else’s unit.  Moreover, shared walls usually mean shared noise.

  1. Limited Control Over the Unit and Land Ownership

When you buy a condo unit, you obviously do not own the land beneath you. You do not have the authority to expand the size of your unit, and renovation or improvement has to go through a comprehensive assessment. Moreover, approval is subject to the discretion and regulations of the condominium association and property management.

  1. Specific Rules Are to be Followed

The independence of home ownership is lost when you buy a condo unit. Specific rules and regulations of the management may influence what you bring into your home, the number of visitors you accommodate, and even pet ownership.

C. Townhouse

Horizon Estates, San Juan | RS3239083


  1. Access to Amenities

Owning a townhouse provides you with the privilege of having an access to amenities such as basketball and multi-purpose courts, gym, pools, and clubhouse. Moreover, if the community does not offer or have an amenity that owners desire, they can contribute money to get a specific facility added, for as long as there is an area that can accommodate such feature on the property.

  1. Absolutely Economical

Compared to buying a house or condo unit, it is acknowledged that purchasing a townhouse is more affordable. Furthermore, it requires low maintenance which can save you money from the expense of upkeep.

  1. Close-Knit Community

Owners can easily build positive and lasting relationships with neighbors due to the proximity of houses. You can effortlessly keep a tab on your neighbors and have your neighbors keep a tab on you. There is likely someone around most of the time to help you with about anything. Moreover, when you leave your home for a vacation or business trip, they can keep an eye and ear out for your place.


  1. Houses Share Common Walls

Properties are built in groups that share common walls and roofs. Hence, it limits the privacy of owners. Also, noise may become an issue. Shared walls may mean that neighbors can hear your loud music, conversations during intimate gatherings, and arguments.

  1. Restrictions in Exterior Modification

Coherence in the appearance of townhouses often entails that community maintenance may restrict you from altering the exterior of your house like the roofs, outside fixtures, and driveway.

D. Apartment

Joya Loft and Towers, Makati | RR2424881


  1. Convenient Amenities

An access to a large array of amenities is granted to owners. You can take advantage of the use of the swimming pools, workout facility, and playground for kids. These facilities assure you a great time without going too far.

  1. Proximity to Vital Places

Most apartments are located nearby commercial establishments, offices, and universities. It is convenient and desirable if you want to own a property that is close to public transportation and workplaces.

  1. Low Maintenance

You do not have to worry about landscaping or cleaning outdoor and common spaces. You only have to worry about your personal space and nothing more. The maintenance department usually takes care of any repairs and the maintenance.


  1. Partial Privacy

Apartment buildings are often crowded in nature and it does not provide much privacy. Furthermore, you have to be cautious and not be the cause of disturbance to your neighbors since you share walls with them.

  1. Alteration Restrictions

To maintain a unified theme in the design of the building, you may be restricted from painting the exterior walls of your property. Alteration with the fixtures and fittings may also be limited or prohibited.

  1. Limited Space

Just like condo units, the space that you have is all the space you will ever get – not unless you purchase an additional unit. Otherwise, the possibility of adding an extension to your unit does not exist.

Undeniably, buying a house is a commitment. One has to make sure that he is buying a property that suits the kind of lifestyle he has.

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