Welcome to Bel-Air, Makati City

Initially developed for pilots of Philippine Airlines, Bel-Air has already come a long way. Despite being a private and gated community, it is accessible via major roads in Makati. Awarded for being the cleanest and greenest barangay in Makati for eight consecutive years and was inducted into the Makati Clean and Green Hall of Fame in 2005, its tree-lined streets are an indicator of its commitment to provide a healthy environment for its residents. Moreover, although it houses prominent establishments and lifestyle hubs, and is near the Makati Central Business District, it remains to be an orderly neighborhood.

Its close proximity to the Makati CBD is notable; however, that does not affect the laid-back atmosphere Bel-Air has. Residents often dine and hang out with friends in attractive restaurants and cafés that serve palatable cuisines and drinks, and leisurely walk and exercise in the airy park. It is popular for Pasinaya, a yearly thanksgiving event that fosters community spirit and promotes camaraderie among its residents. The diversity of its residents is noteworthy; it is home to entrepreneurs, corporation executives, and artists. An all-inclusive community, it leaves no room for discrimination no matter what lifestyle one has.

Perfect for visits to trendy restaurants

Bel-Air is famous for its hip restaurants and bars. Dining options offering local and international cuisines to satisfy cravings are plentiful and at hand. Residents can simply go to one on foot. Whether one is a foodie or not, Jupiter St. is a must-visit stretch to discover and savor delectable food.

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