Welcome to Poblacion, Makati City

Flashing lights and an electric culture shape life in Poblacion. Despite the dizzying hustle and bustle of cars and visitors, there’s always something new to discover within its streets, and the welcoming atmosphere is one primary reason residents of Poblacion consider it home. When Poblacion is most alive after work, residents and outsiders flock to the many alluring hole-in-the-wall restaurants for cross-cultural culinary experiences.

Galleries, rooftop bars, and performance art spaces draw outsiders to this neighborhood, making Poblacion one of Metro Manila’s central hubs for meeting and socializing for the art community. However, anyone can visit these places, and people of all ages and of various cultures are given a space to interact. The neighborhood even has a number of hostels for guests to stay in, with their own unique features and amenities for its visitors. There’s never a dull moment in Poblacion.

Perfect for late night hangouts with friends

Late nights highlight the culture of Poblacion. Listen to live DJ sets or jazz bands or watch an improv show in the many bars and pubs around the neighborhood. There are enough coffee shops to relax in for those looking for a more laid-back evening. All the establishments of Poblacion are close to one another, making it possible to walk from one place to another. And since these places close late, the possibilities are endless.

Top Attractions