Welcome to Nuvali, Santa Rosa City

Before it became the fast-growing residential, commercial, and recreational development that it is today, Nuvali’s history traces all the way back to the 1800s. Nuvali, which spans 1,840 hectares, was acquired by a group of enterprising Americans who developed the land into a sugar plantation. It was in the 1970s that lawyer Jose Yulo acquired the property, with an initiative of establishing industrial, residential, and recreational developments.

Today, lush greens, wide roads, and a peaceful community are some of the first things that come to mind at the mention of Nuvali. Located in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Nuvali has emerged into a frequented stopover for travellers heading further south to areas like Tagaytay and Batangas. It has also become a new favorite weekend destination because of its accessibility.

Nuvali has something for everyone. Foodies will be able to find homegrown restaurants, adrenaline-junkies can enjoy a number of outdoor activities, and leisure travellers can experience the quiet and serenity of the area.

Perfect for city lovers looking for a quieter alternative

There’s a distinct difference in the atmosphere of Nuvali from that of highly urbanized cities in Metro Manila. There’s a relaxed vibe that permeates throughout the neighborhood, absent of rush and overcrowded roads. It’s why Nuvali has become a prime destination for people, young and old, who want to be within an easy driving distance from Metro Manila - Nuvali is accessible through the South Luzon Expressway - yet are looking to stay far away from its congestion. City lovers looking for a change of scene can find everything they need in Nuvali, especially with the emergence of premiere shopping malls nearby the residential communities and recreational developments with outdoor activities that can also be enjoyed.

Neighborhood Guide

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