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Three Not Your Usual Coffee Shops to Experience in Salcedo Village

The strong presence of coffee shops in Metro Manila in recent years raised a new generation of enthusiasts. Now, men and women, students and professionals, are intentional in visiting a cafe for more reasons than one. Aside from getting their daily caffeine fix, they use the cafe as a space to work, to meet others, or to relax.

In response to this growing interest, owners of coffee shops have gotten creative with their concepts to stand out. Some place their focus on developing an extensive food menu to offer more choices. Others offer high speed internet and conference tables for those who need to work and hold meetings. Then there are those who invest in a space that can accommodate events.

In Salcedo Village, there are three coffee shops, each with their own unique concepts, that have stood-out among its residents and visitors.


Taking from its name, Cartel Coffee + Deli isn’t just a coffee shop – it’s a deli too. One would describe it a collaborative one-stop shop. Its partners, Yardstick Coffee, BonTon, Belge & Co., Holy Carabao, and Txanton, have their products curated into the café’s beloved wood-themed interiors. The space is flexible and the concept is dynamic; unlike anything in the neighborhood.

Cartel Coffee + Deli is along L.P. Leviste Street near One Salcedo Place and right at the heart of Salcedo’s business district. Visitors who come in each day have many options within reach. Some shop at the deli for their supply of cheeses and sausages. Others opt to dine in with their friends. Those looking for a place to work can also find a cozy nook to work in. Its carefully thought out curation presents something new to its patrons each day, and it’s why many have fallen in love with its unique concept.


Right from its opening, Narrative Coffee has always stood out for its unique concept. Now located at the ground floor of Philam Life Building along L.P. Leviste Street, this coffee shop made a name for itself for two things. First, all their drinks are hand-crafted. Second, they value delivering a memorable experience built on conversations.

Though with few seats and tables available, there’s a spontaneity to the experience at this coffee shop. They intend to be a space where conversation can take place and lives can intersect. This coffee shop is a welcome respite from anyone’s busy day, and their drinks have a certain comfort to them. Narrative Coffee has become a favorite spot for those from within the community of Salcedo Village albeit very unassuming. But its doors are always open to anyone who wants to come in.


The newest branch of Single Origin in Salcedo Village brings in a fresh new concept to the coffee chain. At Single Origin Osteria, excellent coffee and drinks meet Italian cuisine. This gorgeous restaurant-cafe, located at the ground floor of Frabelle Corporate Plaza, is a cozy setting for any time of day.

The menu at Single Origin Osteria has everything one would expect at an Italian restaurant, but it doesn’t do away from traditional cafe fare. Aside from pizzas, pastas, and cold cuts platters, diners can also order waffles, pancakes, and brunch plates. This seamless medley of Italian food and coffee shop favorites allows them to cater to a wide market.

Coffee shops engage the community by being a hub for residents and visitors to converge and interact – and that’s why their presence is important. In Salcedo Village alone, there are three places where residents and visitors can make memorable experiences over a cup of delicious coffee, food, and conversation.

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