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Three Specialty Restaurants in Salcedo Village

Salcedo Village is popular for several reasons. There’s the Salcedo Saturday Market, where residents of Makati and nearby cities flock to buy organically grown fruits and vegetables. There’s the Jaime Velasquez Park, where people frequent any time of the day to relax. But around this Makati neighborhood are restaurants of varied specialties, and for those who work and live in Salcedo Village, there is never a shortage of new places to try. The restaurant scene is vibrant, whether during brunch, lunch, dinner, or even late nights, giving them much to look forward to.

Here are three specialty restaurants in Salcedo Village.

Mendokoro Ramenba

Mendokoro Ramenba is a compact 21-seater ramen house located on Soliman Street. The restaurant is owned by Elbert Cuenca and Ryan Cruz, the same duo behind Ramen Yushoken in Molito, Alabang.

Mendokoro Ramenba gained instant fame because of its straightforward ramen menu and their rich and distinct flavors. The restaurant features an open kitchen in the middle of the bar, and diners aren’t necessarily beside each other when they eat as they practice first-come, first-served seating. But due to its popularity, there are days when guests are lined up for hours just to be seated – and they don’t mind.

As long as they get their satisfy their cravings with a bowl of authentic Japanese ramen, the wait is definitely worth it.


Mews, pronounced as “muse,” opened in 2017 at the ground floor of the L’Ermitage Building at the corners of Leviste and Toledo Streets. The restaurant is owned by Chef Demar Regresado, whose vision is to capture European flavors using homegrown ingredients and serve them to the Filipino audience.

After several decades of cooking around the world, Mews is Regresado’s welcome return to the local dining scene. From its garden-like exteriors with al fresco seating to the charming minimalist interiors, there’s a palpable elegance to Mews – but it isn’t at all threatening.

Mews has an elaborate menu of European favorites: pasta, pizzas, and risotto, but what has also made it a hit among those who live and work in the area is its bar menu. They have beers, cocktails, and wine that can be enjoyed by couples on a date, friends having a reunion, and peers getting together after work.

Bar Centrale

The newest concept from the team behind Rambla and BCN in Legaspi Village is Bar Centrale, an Italian pasta bar at the ground floor of Two Central. There’s a wide range of pasta dishes to try at Bar Centrale, which is headed by head chef Antonio Facchinetti, who pledges to use the best Italian ingredients in capturing the flavors of home. Bar Centrale has a simple mission of elevating the experience of eating Italian cuisine, and they do this by serving only freshly-made pasta each day.

Their Tagliolini Verdie Ai Funghi, served with truffle paste, mushrooms, and cream sauce, is an easy favorite and definite must-try for first-timers. Aside from pastas, they also serve desserts and cocktails for a delicious meal cap.

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