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How to Use Social Media to Help Your Clients Experience Real Estate

In an era where information is accessible on the go, brands have become much more intentional in using technology not only to ease the process of buying and selling but also to engage clients in a conversation. Technology has enabled business to be available at whatever time of day, and such is true with real estate. Interested clients may be browsing through hundreds of properties at any time of day. To keep up with this rate, using social media has become critical in the purchasing and selling of real estate, and in the communication of broker to buyer.

While this can create a sense of pressure, it opens up a window of opportunity for real estate agents to improve their work.

Here are a few ways to use social media to make real estate experiential:

  1. Use social media to plant desire

The culture of finding Instagrammable places has convinced brands of the importance of appearance and ambiance. This goes beyond just restaurants and cafés. Now that homes and condominiums are used as backdrops or sets for magazine features and model photo shoots, the urgency of making a real estate property desirable is emphasized even more. It doesn’t need to be about elaborate furnishings; a good view of the space could easily spell the difference for a buyer. What is imperative is that the look sells, and when the look sells, people would want to know more.

Photos are the first thing a client would see of your property. Use clear and distinct photos to make a good first impression. One way to enhance clients’ viewing experience is to provide a 360 Video of the home. By doing this, the potential buyer can already visualize being inside the home even before stepping in for the first time.

2. Use social media to tell a story

Stimulate both the feelings and imagination of buyers by including meaningful content like a short history of the property or a narrative description of its features. Keep it concise, but evoke an emotion through them.

Direct the attention towards how the property could serve the buyer. An observed behavior in modern-day homebuyers is that they are more focused on relationship, especially with family, so it’s pivotal to give emphasis on the value of investing in a home for the future.

3. Use social media to create and maintain connections

Tech-adept homebuyers search for proof that you’ll do what you say you’ll do. This is why it’s important to maintain relationships with clients. One way to do this is to establish your credibility through social media.

Buyers have a million and one questions and brokers must be ready to answer them. It is important to be quick to respond to inquiries, but go the extra mile and offer suggestions and solutions. This simple act of service done diligently will surely reap many benefits. Happy clients are a real estate agent’s strongest marketing strategy; opinions and feedback through word of mouth and testimonials social media will help in the long run as they connect to newer clients.

Knowledge and diligent practice of social media will surely shape better brokers in time. These are just three of its many possibilities, but wise use of it is what will ensure success in work.

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