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[UPDATED] Announcement: Hoppler Operations Relative to COVID-19 Enhanced Community Quarantine

March 18, 2020

Good Afternoon Everyone – Life moves fast. Ever more so now. At Hoppler, we all hope you are all safe and sound with the people you love.

Pursuant to the Enhanced Community Quarantine, we must change our previous message regarding our operations. Effective as of last Monday, Hoppler is still open for business, but with strict adherence to our government’s recommendations.

We fully support our government in their battle to eradicate this global crisis.

Property Search and Preparation

  • Our “website and mobile app” has and always will be open 24/7. You can still search for properties you are interested in.
  • Our “work from home call center” and brokers are available on our usual business hours, to discuss your property options during and after the quarantine.

Property Viewings

  • Our Brokers will no longer be available for in-person property viewings.
  • However, if you are in immediate need of a home at this time for you, frontline staff, or employees closer to work, we can arrange for property owners to open the door for you.

Property Owners

  • Our staff is no longer available to pick up the keys to allow prospective tenants to enter your property.
  • We leave it to your discretion if you will allow entrance for property viewings at this time (provided that the authorities allow it).
  • If so, we will coordinate by phone.
  • We will notify the customer that only 1 person will be allowed to view the property and should wear the recommended, preventive gear.


  • Our brokers will not be available to accompany you on a property viewing.
  • They will be available to coordinate a visit, if it is allowed by the property owner and the authorities.
  • 1 person only will be allowed to view the property and you should wear the recommended, preventive gear.

On behalf of Hoppler, thank you in advance for your understanding and support through these difficult times.

Best Regards,

Ramon Ballesca
Chief Executive Officer

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