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Hoppler and Conveyance Realty Services Promise Reliable Real Estate Services through New Partnership

September 4, 2018 – Hoppler has entered into a strategic partnership with Conveyance Realty Services to offer clients swift and secure real estate services beginning Thursday, August 30, 2018.

This partnership foresees the strengthening of trust between Hoppler and its clients, offering the professional expertise of Conveyance Realty Services to ensure that concerns pertaining to land titles are done safely and handled by a competent team of experts.

Through this, both companies solidify their promise of providing reliable real estate services to their clients.

Hoppler and Conveyance Realty Services took time to meet one another for an evening of drinks and socialization and came together in Vengo, Makati. To cap off the intimate get-together between the partners and their teams, Hoppler CEO Ramon Ballesca Jr. and Conveyance Realty Services CEO Hardy Lipana toasted to the foreseen success of this partnership.

Hoppler simplifies real estate transactions through its advanced online platform and its exceptional network of brokers. Hoppler has one of the largest networks of professional, trusted brokers that home buyers and sellers have experienced.

Conveyance Realty Services is composed of legal and technical experts and liaison officers with a specialization in land title services. For assistance on transfers and verification of land titles, brokers can refer their clients to Conveyance Realty Services and get a referral fee.

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