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Hoppler Connects Spotlights the Importance of Real Estate Photography

Hoppler Connects held the latest of its series of events in KMC Cyber Sigma in Upper McKinley West, Taguig last May 23, 2019. The event gathered brokers and agents who participated in a real estate photography workshop headed by lifestyle photographer, Karlo Torio. The event spotlighted the importance of photography in the work of a real estate professional and witnessed the launch of a brand new Hoppler Rewards program.

Here are some of the highlights!

Hoppler’s Business Development Director, Arvin Abreu, opened the program by welcoming guests to the event.

Karlo Torio started off his talk by discussing the value of well-taken photos in presenting properties to clients. First impressions matter, and a photo could influence their opinion over a property. He proceeded to his short but insightful talk for taking photos, particularly with the use of a mobile phone.

Attendees also participated in an activity, studying the features of their phone cameras with his guidance.

Before the conclusion of the event, guests got an early glimpse of the newest Hoppler Rewards program. Partner Brokers can now receive Uniqlo gift certificates when they accumulate 5 points from posting listings. The rewards program begins June 1, 2019.

Hoppler Connects is a free event where brokers meet to network and discover new ways to close more deals. To know more about the Partner Broker Program and Hoppler Rewards, contact our Broker Coordinators at (+63) 915-870-4533 or (+63) 915-703-2645.

View more photos from the event on our Facebook page.

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