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Hoppler Dialogues Enables Real Estate Practitioners to be Accredited Salespersons with PREVAIL

The third Hoppler Dialogues of 2019 was held last November 16 to 17 at the KMC Solutions co-working space at VCorporate Center, Makati City. The two-day lecture session, co-presented with Prime Real Estate Values and Integrated Learning (PREVAIL), was attended by new agents and aspiring salespersons. During the event, PRC- Accredited Real Estate Lecturers tackled important aspects of being an accredited real estate salesperson.

The 2-day seminar featured industry experts who shed light on the facts of and legal practices in the real estate industry. The talks focused on how to grow and hone their knowledge in sales that could help them experience a new wave of growth and success in their careers.

Hoppler Brand Manager, Mary Whitney Ballen formally opened the program with a brief overview of the event and the speakers.

Atty. Ariel Martinez

The first speaker of Day 1 was Atty. Ariel Martinez. He’s a tenured licensed real estate broker and book author. He discussed the topics the World of Real Estate and the Practitioner and the Sales of Real Estate Property in the Life Cycle of the Buyer, a topic that stirred up a lively discussion among the events’ participants. The session tackled basic principles of property relations under the family code Executive Order No. 209.

Mary Daphne Bericiarte

In the afternoon, Mary Daphne Bericiarte, a licensed real estate broker and lecturer, discussed Documentation and Registration.

Attendees were also given a chance to address each speaker with questions at the end of their lectures.

Pristine Lacsamana

Pristine Lacsamana, Managing Director of PREVAIL, introduced speakers for Day 2.

The first guest speaker of Day 2 was Dra. Mary Gaw-So, owner of REHub, practicing Licensed Broker, Consultant, and Appraiser. With years of experience in the real estate business under her belt, she tackled the Real Estate Code of Ethics. She also focused on knowing your target market and creating a niche in the real estate industry. She also defined the difference between Project selling and Brokerage and discussed the timeline and important points of the real estate selling cycle.

Dra. Mary Gaw-So
Atty. Ernesto Perez III

After lunch break, Atty. Ernesto Perez III, a real estate attorney, practicing, licensed real estate broker, consultant, and investor, gave an enlightening discussion on R.A. 10963: Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion. He thoughtfully discussed the amendments introduced by TRAIN Law that affects real estate transactions and RESPs, salient provisions on the Law of Succession, and the Estate Tax Amnesty Act.

The event was concluded by PREVAIL Managing Director, Pristine Lacsamana who thanked guests and gave a final word to encourage people to continue their learning in real estate.

At the end of every discussion, the new real estate salespersons received their certificates of accreditation.

Hoppler Dialogues is co-presented by PREVAIL and event partner KMC Solutions.

Follow @hopplerph on social media for future event schedules. See more photos from the event on our Facebook page.

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