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LandExcel Consulting and Hoppler Conduct the Paradigm Shifts in the Real Estate Business Seminar

LandExcel Consulting and Hoppler conducted the Paradigm Shifts in the Real Estate Business: A Seminar on Policy, Product, Market and Systems Re-alignments last July 26, 2016, at AIM Conference Center Makati. The seminar centered on the significance of real estate strategies, the trends among generations, and how technology affects the movement of the dynamic industry.

Industry experts Mr. Danilo Antonio, President of LandExcel Consulting and co-CEO of Hoppler; Mr. Roy Golez Jr., Vice President of LandExcel Consulting; Mr. David Leechiu, CEO of Leechiu Property Consultants; and Mr. Ramon Ballesca, co-CEO of Hoppler shared their knowledge about the real estate sector and on how to stay and remain on top.

Here are the presentation decks per topic:

Policy Direction and Prospects, Mr. Danilo Antonio

Assessment of the Aquino Administration with regard to the real estate industry and the prospective developments in the Duterte Administration.

Emerging New Products in the Resort, Residential and Master Planner Developments, Mr. Roy Golez Jr.

The now-prominent real estate products in various developments that appeal to residents depending on what generation they belong to.

Market Shifts Across the Generations, Danilo Antonio

How the evolving consumer habits and the preferences of the generations affect the real estate sector.

Prospects in the BPO and Commercial Sectors Nationwide, David Leechiu

Analysis of the BPO and commercial sectors in the Philippines in the light of how it impacts the real estate industry.

Business Models Re-orientation and Management Systems Re-alignments, Mr. Danilo Antonio

The relation of real estate paradigms and trends to further understand and keep up with the dynamic sector.

Technology in Real Estate, Mr. Ramon Ballesca

The importance of maximizing the use of technology to ensure the success of real estate transactions.

What have you learned from the seminar? Share it with us in the comments section.

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