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Lessandra Great Deals: Easy-to-own Home is the New Normal!

A house should not be hard to own.

Especially now when the need to have an own place is a vital factor to overcome the challenges of 2020. Without a doubt, the onslaught of difficulties during the new normal made the distinction between basic needs and wants clearer.

The need for a home increased now more than ever. Owning a house means security, not just during the current times. It is also security against the possible challenges the future holds.

All over the country, Lessandra offers quality and affordable houses and lots that are easy-to-own. The economically-priced properties added with flexible payment schemes assure every Filipino homebuyer that their dream of having their own, safe space will become a reality in Lessandra.

How easy is it to own Lessandra properties?

Flexible Downpayment Terms

Online Transactions in Lessandra.
Online Transactions in Lessandra

As a response to the current situation brought by the pandemic, Lessandra introduced a more flexible payment scheme, showing that Lessandra homes are certainly easy-to-own.

Prospective Lessandra homebuyers can now opt to pay their downpayments at a lesser price on a 20-month period. This option remains available until December 31, 2020. This new payment term allows Filipinos to invest in their future house, their own home, with lesser worries and struggles about their monthly budget allocations.

Housing Loans

Another new payment term introduced by Lessandra was the option to invest in a property through the Pag-IBIG Fund Housing Loan. This payment term is available when buying the Arielle House under Lessandra’s Starter Series.

This option is a great deal for homebuyers who prefer to avail their Lessandra house through Pag-IBIG, where they can reap the benefits of swift fund applications and affordable rates that can last up to 30 years.

Arielle house, a lifetime investment under Lessandra’s Starter Series.

More than the new payment schemes, Lessandra has also continuously innovated to make sure payments are secured with fewer worries and lesser hassle. Monthly downpayments and amortization can be paid in just a few taps through the various online payment methods available: online banking, payment portals, auto-debit arrangements, and more.

Easy-to-own homes like Lessandra show that securing a place amidst the changing and challenging times remains a top priority and definite possibility in the country. By showing that owning spaces is still possible, a stable and secure future remains an attainable dream for every hopeful Filipino seeking to have their own maaliwalas space.

Easy-to-own and maaliwalas space in Lessandra

Invest in a brighter future in Lessandra! Live the maaliwalas life in over 40 areas across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Visit the Lessandra website at https://www.lessandra.com.ph/ and the official Facebook account, @LessandraOfficial, for more information.





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