What You Should Know about the Kumita Dashboard

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Manage your real estate business efficiently and effectively with Kumita, an easy-to-use real estate CRM exclusive to Hoppler Partner Brokers.

kumita real estate crm software

Here is an overview of the features Kumita offers.

Accept a Lead


Select the inquiries that you would want to work on. Here, you will see the leads that were assigned to you by Hoppler. You have the option to accept the inquiry and move to the next phase of the sales process; otherwise, you can refuse the inquiry if you wish to.

Add a Client


Conveniently add and manage your clients using Kumita. When you add your active clients to your database, you can effortlessly see the progress of your transactions with them.

Create a Viewing List


You can now keep track of your viewings without trouble. Create a list of your scheduled viewings to organize and maximize your time. Avoid making multiple arrangements at the same time and never forget a viewing again when you use Kumita to keep track of your schedule.

Make an LOI


A letter of intent is a document that states the intention of two parties to enter into a real estate transaction. Create a letter of intent with ease through Kumita. Simply provide the necessary details to generate a document that you can send to your clients.

Prepare a Contract


Spare yourself from the tedious job of preparing a contract. Now, you only need to provide the necessary details in the contract form and a document will be generated for you. Create a contact and send it to your customers without troubles.

 Sign a Contract


The best part of every sales transaction is the signing of a contract. Through this feature, you simply need to enter the necessary details for confirmation.

Summary Section


The Summary section provides a real-time overview of your business. It presents reliable details that you need to track your progress.

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