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12 Interesting Reasons Why You Should Move to Ortigas

Moving to a new place is quite a terrifying endeavor. You have to be familiar with the environment, the culture of the people, and even the cost of living. However, for someone whose heart loves a challenge, it promises an exciting adventure ahead.

Ortigas is a thriving commercial business district in the Philippines. The opportunities for personal and career growth it provides are limitless. No wonder yuppies, starting families, and even students move to Ortigas. It is where they see their aspirations become realities.

Here are 12 interesting reasons why you should move to Ortigas:

  1. Food Places

Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, Ortigas has the best food places to satisfy your cravings. They are everywhere. You can go solo or with your friends and explore restaurants and dessert houses. Fill your plates with the best food and enjoy a sumptuous dining experience. What better way to maximize urban living than to take up residence near these spots.

  1. Hangout Retreat

Nothing compares to a chill hangout with family and friends. Ortigas offers the best spots in the metro that provide unmatched leisure. Have fun conversations over a glass of your favorite smoothie or latte in peaceful cafes, take a stroll in the park or sing your heart out in karaoke bars.

  1. Event Venues

Birthdays, anniversaries, and other important occasions are precious to us. We want these days to be memorable. Spending it in a place where beauty, comfort, and function meet is what everyone deems desirable. Ortigas is abundant with events venues where extraordinary experiences happen.

  1. Churches

To grow in faith, one should have a home church. Ortigas is not only a place merely dedicated to work, leisure, and self-growth, but it is also a home to many churches which can help us grow in our faith in Jesus.

  1. Schools

Education is important and Ortigas is home to outstanding schools. You do not have to worry anymore about your university being far from home for when you move to Ortigas, convenience follows.

  1. Malls

We love going to malls to watch new blockbuster films, buy new clothes or just kill time. Ortigas is known for its abundance of malls that never fail to provide all our urban living needs. Moreover, the center houses the currently largest shopping mall in the Philippines, SM Megamall.

  1. World-Class Hotels

From fine bed linens to awe-inspiring amenities, hotels in Ortigas are truly world-class. Even tourists are drawn to spend their nights in these establishments’ confines. They do not only offer spaces that are pleasing to the eyes, but they also provide venues where one can behold the splendor of the city’s skyline.

  1. Fitness Spots

The busier you are, the more you need to have fitness activities that promote physical and mental health. Ortigas ensures that every area of its residents’ lives has a balance and right in the heart of the commercial business district are fitness spots where you can be rejuvenated. Sweat away the stress through yoga, pole dancing, boxing or weightlifting.

  1. Growth

Considered as one of the most successful CBD in the country, Ortigas offers a vast universe of opportunities where you can witness your career flourish. Many of the most sought after companies are strategically situated in the district and promising careers are everywhere. Experience convenience when you move near your workplace.

  1. Accessibility

Ortigas is accessible. It does not just promote convenience, but also implies more time for productivity since you can travel via different modes of transportation with ease, cutting the usual travel time.

  1. People

Filipinos are naturally hospitable and helpful. You can observe that as you live and work in Ortigas. You will see that everyone strives to be successful in their careers and it will leave you inspired. Moreover, making new friends is a cinch.

  1. Peaceful Environment

Despite the fast-paced lifestyle that is apparent in Ortigas, its ambiance remains relaxed and laid-back. It stays peaceful. If you take delight in walking, you can even enjoy a leisurely stroll around the district.

These are just some of the interesting reasons why you should live in Ortigas. The growth it brings is but a small portion of the life-changing experiences the CBD provides.

What are other things you love about Ortigas? Share it with us in the comments section.

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