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2 Important Traits You Should Look for in a Real Estate Broker

If you are in the property market as a homeowner eager on selling your property at a price that reflects upgrades and land appreciation, you have the option to avail the services of a real estate broker. Hiring an expert who represents your interests would take out the complexity of the entire property transaction.

Here are 2 absolutely important traits a broker should have:

  1. Integrity

Choosing the right real estate broker can spell a difference whether you can get your money’s worth or not. Remember, the one who pays the commission is the one whose interests should be served and protected. Choose an honest broker. A real estate broker who has integrity is a professional whose reputation is unquestionable.

In any work relationship, trust is something that needs to be present if you want results. Consider this sales history. Is your broker trustworthy? An indicator is a solid sales record. For transactions that run no less than several million, and where scams abound, one’s interests need to be protected by having a partner who has a demonstrated sale.

During negotiations, feel free to ask questions from your broker. Ask whether the price of a property is the best price he can haggle. Your broker may at times suggest a property that offers a deal but at a higher price.

To avoid deceitful developers, buyers should request for the documents of a property. Aside from reviewing these documents for any hidden costs and conflict, your broker can advise you to stay away from unreliable developers who are known for delays in turnovers, non-compliance, or scams. Even during a pre-selling phase, your broker should have the industry knowledge about developers with good track records on property development and management. He can provide information on sales discounts and more options beyond your initial research.

  1. Tenacity

You know you are dealing with top producers when you see that they have great work ethic. Your broker must have the tenacity to pursue leads and hustle aggressively to market your properties. It is not about just working for long hours but also working smart. Brokers need to put the right amount of time and go the extra mile to close deals.  The broker’s knowledge of properties, the market, and industry coupled with his experience in sales negotiation will help you in purchasing your home, especially if you are on a budget.

A good real estate broker does not only sell properties; they sell themselves. They have an engaging personality that is genuine. People respond to them because of their attitude. Their tenacity stems from a sense of fulfillment and of providing excellent service to their clients.

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