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36 Awesome Ideas for Vacant Lots

Put up a humble lemonade stand, open a junk shop, or even go as far as establishing a flashy circus in the community – what you do with your vacant lot is totally up to you. There is so much that can be done with an idle space. And no matter where your vacant lot is located, be it Makati, Taguig, or Muntinlupa, it is still incontestably a valuable asset. Whether for personal, communal or business use, a vacant lot offers a vast opportunity for self-fulfillment and profit.

Here are 36 awesome ideas for vacant lots:

  1. House

hoppler house

A house is definitely beneficial in so many ways. It offers more than just physical comfort; it guarantees a better quality of life.

  1. Hostel

hoppler hostel

Hostels do not just provide a temporary shelter; it is where people from different walks of life can interact. You can also profit when you turn your vacant lot into a hostel.

  1. House of worship

hoppler church

Build a sanctuary where people in your neighborhood can worship and have fellowship.

  1. Event place

hoppler events place

There is always a reason to celebrate and have a great time. When you construct an event place where people can gather for a special day, you provide a place where lifelong memories can be created.

  1. Mini-museum for artworks

hoppler museum

Do this for the love of art. A mini-museum that showcases the artworks of people who want to tell the world their passion is truly a place of liberation.

  1. Photography studio

hoppler studio

Photos never go out of style; thus, if you have a photography studio as a business, you can expect that it will last – well of course if you take good care of it.

  1. Community music space

hoppler community music

Gather singers, songwriters, and musicians regularly and hear them play good music when you build a shared music space where everyone can jam and have fun.

  1. Common workplace

hoppler common workplace

A shared workplace is a good place to meet other professionals that could help grow your network. As the owner of the communal office, it presents opportunities where you can interact with many people who could help you with your future business endeavors.

  1. Library

hoppler library

A library is attractive for everyone. Whether a bookworm or not, people will certainly find themselves inside your library somehow.

  1. Outdoor theater

hoppler outdoor theater

An outdoor theater is a laid-back place to relax and watch a movie with friends and family. You can even open it to people who enjoy watching movies outdoor – an ingenious way to profit.

  1. Daycare

hoppler daycare

Transform your vacant lot into a daycare center where kids can play and get rest after a series of games and activities.

  1. Yoga space

hoppler yoga

Dedicate the lot as a yoga area. No fancy stuff is needed to carry out the recreational activity.

  1. Volleyball court

hoppler volleyball

A volleyball court can be a great addition to your neighborhood. It does not have to be that spacious and professional-looking; a community volleyball court can be as simple as you would want it to be.

  1. Fitness gym

hoppler gym

Currently, the trend is that people typically frequent the gym to de-stress and be healthy. Thus, a fitness gym in a neighborhood is a necessary.

  1. Playground

hoppler playhouse

For most kids, nothing beats the fun that playing outside brings. Build a playground and install a tree house, swing sets, monkey bars, and see-saws that the little ones can enjoy.

  1. Pool area

hoppler pool

Particularly during summer, swimming pools are absolutely advantageous. Nonetheless, whatever season it is, a dip in the pool is enjoyable – apparently except winter.

  1. Koi pond

hoppler pond

A Koi pond is a great attraction. Build a pond and probably you could even sell Koi in the future.

  1. Herb garden

hoppler herb

Fresh herbs can be expensive. Save and possibly earn money when you start an herb garden.

  1. Floral garden

hoppler floral

A floral garden is not just delightful to the eyes. You can grow beautiful flowers and sell them to florists. That way, you do not only have a gorgeous landscape but you also gain profit.

  1. Flower shop

hoppler flower shop

Start a flower shop if you know how to arrange plants and cut flowers; otherwise, hire someone who can.

  1. Beer and barbecue garden

hopple beer bbq

A hangout area for people who want to chill, a beer and barbecue garden is a good place to unwind and end a tiresome week.

  1. Food truck hub

hoppler food park

Food parks that house food trucks are in nowadays. People flock to these places to spend time with friends while eating. Obviously, a food park is a great investment.

  1. Outdoor café

hoppler cafe

A glass of latte and a slice of chocolate cake while outside a café – that sounds great and delightful. An outdoor café is a suitable place for people who enjoy food and being outside.

  1. Board games café

hoppler board game

Start a board games café in your neighborhood and observe that even people from other cities will visit. Who does not love board games with friends anyway?

  1. Community restaurant

hoppler restaurant

An Instagram-worthy community restaurant is adored by foodies. Just be sure to master the taste of the food more than the look of the interior, though. Food is primary; the appearance of the restaurant is secondary.

  1. Local bakery

hoppler bakery

The bakery business is proven to be a sustainable business. You only need to find an expert baker and a good manager to run your local bakery.

  1. Artisan market

hoppler market

People love going to the outdoor market to buy the food they want. Create a marketplace where food suppliers can sell their products. This way, you can earn by just providing a place where purchases can happen.

  1. Grocery store

hoppler grocery

A grocery store is loved by everyone who values ease. When you open a store, you only need suppliers for the business to persistently progress.

  1. Bike rental and repair shop

hoppler bike

Due to heavy traffic, a lot of people opt to travel via a bike. Start a bicycle and repair shop. This way, you do not just profit but you also help bikers maintain the good condition of their bikes.

  1. Computer labs

hoppler lab

A computer lab that offers services like rental, printing, and other essential computer services could be of great help to those who do not have a computer at home.

  1. Parking Lots

hoppler parking

Transforming your vacant lot into a parking site is a smart move. Provide parking lots for those who have cars yet do not have a definite parking space.

  1. Skatepark

hoppler skate

Youngsters who love skateboarding will definitely enjoy a skate park. Profit by opening it to skateboarders at a per hour rate.

  1. Community park

hoppler park

A community park where everyone can relax and play, and is essential in every neighborhood. You could either open it to public for free or at an inexpensive rate.

  1. Neighborhood clubhouse

hoppler clubhouse

Construct a neighborhood clubhouse where everyone can gather to celebrate special occasions.

  1. Laundry shop

hoppler laundry

On-the-go people do not have much time to attend to their laundry. Start a laundry business and watch people flock to your shop.

  1. Dog park

hoppler dog

Who does not love dogs? When you transform a vacant lot into a dog park, you are saying you are ready to provide dogs a place where they can freely run and interact with other dogs. It is also a great venue for owners to interact with one another.

Do you have other ideas for a vacant lot? Share it with us in the comments section.

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