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7 Impactful Reasons Why You Should Live in a Mixed-Use Community

People whose lifestyle is fast-paced prefer to reside where convenience is at hand. The demand of life in a progressive city often eats valuable time due to long travel hours. For young professionals, a neighborhood that offers a park where they can inhale fresh air after a day in the office is advantageous. For families that have little children, parents rather have their groceries delivered than spend a considerable amount of time in a supermarket that is distant. Nowadays, mixed-use communities are popular among clever people who know how to take advantage of convenience.

A mixed-use neighborhood is a product of an urban development that impeccably combines residential properties and essential commercial establishments. More so, it typically offers offices, lifestyle hubs, and retail spaces. Such feature attracts domestic and foreign investors.

Here are 7 impactful reasons why you should live in a mixed-use community:

  1. Better Quality of Life

Residing in an accessible and protected neighborhood can definitely improve your quality of life. Because convenience is now at hand, you do not have to worry anymore about noisy neighbors at night or being stuck in a terrible traffic. Residents also save time and money on travel costs for every errand. In mixed-use developments, the supermarket is just around the corner and commercial establishments are ingeniously located nearby one another. Enjoy ease every day.

  1. A Healthy Lifestyle

Walkable neighborhoods promote a healthy lifestyle. Mixed-use developments encourage its residents to walk in secure streets that connect their homes to bus stops, offices, commercial establishments, and fitness facilities. A short stride to the transit stop is already a walk towards a healthier you. Moreover, the presence of a nearby fitness center motivates people to exercise, be healthy, and live an active lifestyle. For people who love to run or ride a bicycle, mixed-use communities have a vast park where you can sweat the stress away.

  1. Job Opportunities

Prestigious companies normally flock to mixed-use developments to create job opportunities. This is good news for people who want their home and workplace to be in one place. Also, it means that because of job openings, the economy of a country will appreciably benefit; and when the economy of a country progresses, it also advances and elevates the condition of life.

  1. Accessibility to Establishments

Cars are utterly welcomed inside mixed-use developments. However, mixed-use communities are ingeniously designed in a way that would encourage people to walk due to the clever arrangement and proximity of establishments. Residents will also be motivated to travel via a bicycle within the community to go to their destination.

  1. Leisure Locations

Restaurants where you can have an intimate dinner with your family and friends, a café where you can read your favorite book, retail stores where you can shop, and a park where you can unwind, the profusion of leisure places in mixed-use developments brings a sense of ease. Businesses even give special discounts to residents who live in the community.

  1. A Sense of Community

Be part of a neighborhood that knows and strongly values the need for convenience of everyone. When you are a part of a community where residents share the same hope and desires as you, you will feel a sense of belonging. You can also build positive and permanent relationships with neighbors due to the propinquity of homes. It is easy to feel significant when you live where your needs are acknowledged and met.

  1. Guaranteed Security

Mixed-use developments comply with strict residential standards. Its streets are typically protected by watchful guards. CCTVs are active 24/7 to record activities in its confines. Walkways and even elevators are monitored to ensure the safety of its residents. Fire exits and alarms are afforded in every building for precaution.

Living in a mixed-use community can positively impact one’s quality of life. It offers not just a home where one could sleep; rather it provides a community that can delightfully cater to your ideal lifestyle.

What do you look for in a mixed-use community? Share it with us in the comments section.

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