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8 Great Reasons Why You Should Move to QC

Everyone wants to live where constant development is apparent – that is what drives young professionals, families, and even students to move to Quezon City. The economic and ecological features of the city set it apart from the others. Highly urbanized yet still historically significant, QC continues to be on top of its game, braving any adversity.

Here are 8 great reasons why you should move to QC:

  1. Persistent progress

Source: allworldtowns.com

Top media networks, IT centers, prominent BPO companies, local and international businesses, and residential districts call QC their home. The progressive city continues to attract investors who see its economic potential, employees who value career growth, and residents who need an accessible house.

  1. Rich history

From the notable Araneta Coliseum to the iconic memorial circle, the history and the significant places in QC make it more interesting. Did you know that the old city was once the capital of the Philippines and the permanent seat of the national government? Despite its dynamic and fast-paced advancement, the stories of victory and defeat that lie in its streets will never be forgotten.

  1. Uncrowded neighborhood

Source: gridmagazine.ph

Quezon City is the largest city in Metro Manila. No matter where you come from, what your perspective in life is, or what skin color you have, you can make QC your home. It is so roomy, so spacious that everyone can fit and find its proper place in it without crowding.

  1. Food spots

Source: reinventmag.com

Residents and visitors alike enjoy the abundance of food places in QC. From chili cheese crispers to a porterhouse steak, you can find almost all the food your insatiable taste buds want. Restaurants where you can find tasty veggie and meat treats and laid-back cafés that offer your favorite latte are everywhere. Take up residence near food hubs in QC to maximize your transfer.

  1. Top-notch universities

Source: ateneo.edu

University of the Philippines and Ateneo de Manila University are nestled in QC. These two are among the top universities not only in the country but also in the world. They equip students to become globally competitive and socially responsible. Aside from UP and ADMU, the city also houses many schools that prepare students for the future.

  1. Lively nightlife

If you want to be surrounded by people and good music after a long day at work or during the weekends, you can go to bars and hang out with friends over a glass of fine wine.

  1. Peaceful parks

Source: uniglobekonivatravel.com

Parks in QC are perfect for picnics and recreation. If your lifestyle does not require loud music or meeting new people, you can spend time meditating, appreciating the beauty of creation, and reading your favorite book while being surrounded by trees. Communion with nature can refresh and give you a new perspective about life despite being in the heart of a busy city.

  1. Shopping malls

Convenience is one of the biggest factors we consider when looking for a new home. QC is rich in shopping malls where you can buy almost anything you need. From food to clothing, you no longer have to worry about running out of daily supplies.

If Quezon City never fails to stir up awe in the hearts of its visitors, just imagine the satisfaction of its residents.

What do you love most about QC? Share it with us in the comments section.

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