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Average Prices of Condos for Rent per Month in Makati CBD

According to a survey conducted by an international research group, Makati City has the highest cost of living in the Philippines. Aside from the 53.24 cost-of-living index, Makati also ranks number 1 in terms of the rental business. 

The rent index was recorded at 25.05 points last April 2018. The average index is 100 percent when compared to New York City.

Rent index “is an estimation of prices of renting apartments in the city compared to New York City. If rent index is 80, the survey group estimates that price of rents in that city is on an average 20 percent less than the price in New York,” the Numbeo survey group said.

Despite the high rental monthly cost, the demand is still on the rise. To give you an idea, here’s an overview of the average prices of condo rental inside Makati CBD in the most prime areas such as Legaspi Village, Salcedo Village, Rockwell Center, and Poblacion:


In summary, the average rental per month for a studio unit in Salcedo Village costs around P34,504, P30,630 in Legaspi Village, P41,832 in Rockwell Center, and P33,617 in Poblacion. The result also yielded that the type of units that are most available in Makati for rent are 2BR in Salcedo, 1BR in Legaspi Village, 2BR in Rockwell, and 1BR in Poblacion.

Planning your move near the central business district? Explore the Makati neighborhood.

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