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How to Make Your Home More Valuable to Sell Faster

Selling your home requires the right preparation and approach. A misconception on how to sell your house quickly is to offer the lowest price in an area. To find potential buyers for your home, you’ll need it to stand out – and for the right reasons. Improving areas of your home is one way to attract a larger pool of buyers. Of course, doing these projects – no matter how big or small – will cost you. But when you invest in improving your home’s value, it assures you of a greater return.

Here’s how to add value to your home:

1. Take care of your landscape

Perhaps the first thing that a potential buyer will notice is your landscape. If a home doesn’t impress at first glance, it doesn’t give buyers a reason to view its interior. Tidying up your landscape – making sure the plants are neat and alive, the grass is trimmed – has a big impact in making your home more noticeable and appealing. You don’t need to install additional features; it simply needs to look neat and alive.

2. Tidy up and remove clutter

Serious buyers will most likely want to view or inspect the inside of your home. Thus, it’s important to tidy up and make your house clutter free. By making things look more organized, you give buyers a better idea of the space of the property. This also lets them evaluate if the space is fit for their needs.

3. Paint the interior

Worn-out paint jobs not only make a space look unattractive, but it also affects the overall feel of the home. You want your home to feel as if it was new, and one way to do so is to repaint main areas. Though this may cost you, repainting your home will make it seem more vibrant and fresh. It removes any notions of it being an “old home.” Sticking to neutral colors – like off-white, cream, and light gray – is an effective choice for selling homes, because it makes the space look less cramped.

4. Work on flooring

Consistency is what really matters in home flooring. Hardwood floors have always been known to increase home value, but they are a pricey choice. While it doesn’t need to be the same all throughout the home, it would be better to have hard surfaces in main areas of the house like the living room and dining area. Carpets, on the other hand, are great accent pieces, especially in bedrooms.

5. Install additional lighting fixtures

Nobody wants to live in a dark home. When a home has many passageways for natural light, its value is automatically higher. But sometimes, lighting problems are related to decor – dark wood flooring, paint colors, and furniture can all cause a home to be darker than desired. Thus, lighting fixtures are necessary.

6. Give your kitchen an update

There are ways to give your kitchen an update without spending a fortune. Simple changes can give it a refreshed look and improve your home’s appeal. Fresh paints in the cabinet doors are important because they often chip off. Additionally, installing a granite counter can elevate the look and value of the room.

7. Make sure bathrooms are well-maintained 

Outdated bathroom fixtures can really take away from your home’s style. You don’t need to renovate your bathroom entirely; giving it a quick refresh is good enough for making it sell. Change any old knobs and broken pulls and check for leaky faucets or poor drainage. It’s also important to keep it clean. A muddied bathroom is an instant turn-off for home buyers.

Working with a real estate broker or agent to help sell your home can help you reach a wide range of home buyers in your area, but there are some things you can do to boost your home’s value and attract buyers on your own. Though these projects require time and money, it can help you achieve your goals sooner.

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