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The Ultimate Moving In Checklist

Moving into a new house is exciting, but the list of “to dos” can be stressful and overwhelming. Whether you’re moving into a new house or an apartment for rent, the move can altogether consume you for a long time: planning, packing, moving, cleaning. Once you arrive in your new home, you’re faced with even more challenges.

Move In copy
The trick is to pace your preparations and stay organised with a step-by-step checklist. Source: movinginsider.com

Here is the ultimate moving in checklist to help make your move a bit less grueling:

Two months before

  • Sort and dispose.

Sort through closets and drawers and decide what you’d like to keep and what you can get rid of. It’s a great time to hold a garage sale or better yet donate any unwanted items to charity. Also, think about whether any items will need special packing or extra insurance coverage.

  • Research and Inquire.

Get quotes from a number of reputable removal companies like AsiaRelocation, who ensures the highest quality of moving experience. Pick one that best suits your requirements and book in your move date.

  • Organize children’s school records.

Go to your children’s school and ask for their records to be transferred to their new school.

  • Create a moving binder.

Use this binder to keep track of everything—all your assessments, your receipts and an inventory of all the items you’re moving.

Six weeks before

  • Order supplies.

Order boxes and other supplies such as bubble wrap, tape, and permanent markers. Remember to order specialty containers like dish barrels or wardrobe boxes.

  • Use it now or lose it.

Start using up things that you don’t want to move such as frozen or perishable foods and cleaning supplies.

  • Take measurements.

Take the time to check room dimensions at your new home to make sure larger pieces of furniture will fit through the door.

  • Settle requirements.

Finalize any rental or real estate requirements.

Four weeks before

  • Confirm the arrangements with your selected mover.

Contact your chosen moving company and get written confirmation of your moving date, costs and other important details.

  • Begin packing.

Start packing the things that’s seldomly used like waffle irons and small food processors. While packing, list items of special value that might require additional insurance from your moving company.

  • Label all boxes.

Each box should be clearly labeled of its contents and its room destination. It will help serve as an inventory of your belongings. Items that are needed right away should be labeled and packed as such.

  • Classify and Separate valuables.

Segregate valuable items such as jewelry and important documents to a safe box that you will personally transport to your new home. Make sure to put the mover’s estimate in this box as a reference on moving day.

  • Arrange for change of address.

Head to your local post office and fill out a change-of-address form. You can also ask a close neighbor to look out for mail after you’ve moved. Check in with your neighbor two weeks after the move, and again two weeks after that. Don’t forget to say your thanks each time.

  • Inform important parties.

It is imperative to notify the following of your move: banks, your employer’s human resources department, newspapers and magazines you subscribe to, and insurance, credit card and utility companies.

  • Forward medical records.

Make sure that you’ve made the necessary arrangements for medical records to be sent to any new health-care providers or obtain copies of them yourself. You can also ask for referrals.

Two Weeks Before

  • Tune up.

Bring your car to a garage and ask the mechanic to consider what services or improvements might be needed to avoid any mishaps on moving day.

  • Arrange to be off from work on moving day.

Advise your office that you plan to take the day off since you’ll be overseeing the move.

  • Clean out your personal vault.

If you’ll be changing banks, remove the contents of your safe-deposit box and place them in the safe box that you’ll bring with you on moving day.

  • Contact the moving company.

Confirm delivery date and pick-up time with the movers.

  • Get a guardian.

If you have a baby or small children, ask a family member to babysit or hire one to look after the children on moving day.

One Week Before

  • Ensure sufficient supply of prescriptions.

Keep a stash of prescriptions you will need during the next couple of weeks.

  • Clean up.

Give the oven a good clean and defrost the fridge.

  • Pack your suitcases.

Be sure to finish your general packing a few days before the day of the move and pack suitcases for everyone in the family with enough clothes to wear for a few days.

A Few Days Before

  • Reconfirm the details.

Double-check the arrival time of the moving company and other details and be sure you have prepared the exact, written directions to your new home for the staff. Contact information, such as your cell phone number should be included.

  • Ready the payment.

Prepare payment to the movers through cash or credit card. Don’t forget to tip off the staff if they’ve done a good job. Dish out some snacks and refreshments as a sign of appreciation to the movers.

  • Ready the necessary documents for moving in.

Prior to moving in, submit the following documents to the admin:

1. Signed Contract Of Lease (COL)

2. Moving-In Form /Tenant Info Sheet

Moving Day

  • Lock up.

Lock windows and doors, close faucets tightly, turn off lights and take a final tour around the house to say your goodbyes and ensure you haven’t left anything behind.

  • Make sure.

Verify that the moving truck that shows up is from the company you hired. Look for I.D’s or an authorization letter.

  • Take inventory.

Before the movers leave, sign the inventory list and also keep a copy.

That’s it! Some of the steps in moving in seem extremely basic, but they’re all very useful in making sure that your bases are covered when you move in. And now that you’re settled in, all your efforts have paid off. Enjoy your new home! Don’t forget to invite friends to a housewarming party.

Do you have an effective checklist of your own? Feel free to share it in our comment section below.


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