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Tips for Choosing the Right Tenant for Your Rental Home

It is easier to find a bad tenant than to find a good one.  You need to know how he is as a renter, consider his lifestyle, and gauge if he can take care of your home. While a face-to-face interview with potential tenants can minimize risks and avoid unwanted expenses, there are still many factors including their rental and employment history to be mindful of.

Do these tips to find the right tenant for your home:

Have a set of criteria

Identify your non-negotiable requirements. If the potential tenant fails to meet even just one of those qualifications, you can politely turn down his application. Considering legalities and possible property expenses – particularly repairs – in the future, it is only appropriate to determine and do what is best for you and your home. Without criteria, you could end up with a difficult tenant and your home could be at risk.

Do a background check

A call to an employer or the current and previous landlords of your prospect tenant can shed a light on the major questions you possibly have. The initial meet-and-greet might be smooth, but do not easily get contented. Take the time to find out who your potential tenant really is. Talk to his references to know his rental history and ensure that he has not walked out on a lease. If he is uneasy at the thought of a background check, move on to the next candidate. Ultimately, remember this: no background check, no keys.

Verify income

It is only apt to know the income of your potential tenant. His employment history, likewise, can indicate his career and income stability. If he changes jobs often, really think through if he can afford to pay rent. If his past landlords assert that he pays on time, he is a top candidate. Your future tenant should at least have a monthly income that is three times the cost of your asking rent price.

Take your time

Finding the right tenant for your home could take several days or weeks, but you must never feel pressured or obligated to accept the offer of a too-good-to-be-true potential tenant. Instead of selecting one on a whim, consider all the applicants and choose the person who notably meets your criteria. Do not simply settle. If your gut says there is a better tenant out there, delay your decision until you find the best one. Choose the one who is easy to deal with.

Hire a real estate broker

A real estate broker can spare you from the stress of paperwork and of finding potential tenants. From his pool of clients and through his network, he can get leads for your home. Moreover, for technical know-how such as the median rental rate in your location or real estate legalities, a broker can be of great help.

At the end of the day, you must be a meticulous landlord; it can save you from headaches and frustrations.

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