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Why You Should Convert Land Titles into E-Titles

A land title, or Certificate of Title, is proof of ownership over a certain property. When you buy a property, it is imperative that you secure its title. A land title details the property’s location and size. It has a unique registration number as well as your legal name on it, further solidifying your ownership of the property. It’s a tedious process that could extend to a few months, but securing a title avoids any future problems.

To make this process simpler, the Land Registration Authority, the agency which has a database of land properties and their titles all over the country, launched the Land Titling Computerization Project in 2008.

Landowners are given the option to have their existing land titles replaced with electronic titles. This e-title is printed on security paper with unique technological features. Under this program, landowners are assured of a more secure Certificate of Title.

The Benefits of E-Titles 

  1. E-titles are immune from dangers like physical tampering or getting lost.
  2. E-titles are not prone to duplication or being faked. 
  3. In case original titles are lost or destroyed, the e-title is safe and available at the Registry of Deeds.

How to Convert Land Titles 

  1. Bring the owner’s duplicate title and other required documents and identification to the Registry of Deeds or the nearest satellite office.
  2. Once validated by the LRA, processing will begin, and the e-Title will be ready for pick-up after a few days.

Resource: Land Registration Authority
To know more about e-titles, visit this link.

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