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6 Reasons Why Anya Resort and Residences Will be the Premier Luxury Vacation Home in Tagaytay

Anya Resort and Residences is a 5.7-hectare sheltered sanctuary in Tagaytay City. A plush resort and a top-quality residential area, Anya proves to be an upscale property that meets global standards. A beautiful place to getaway to and reside in, Anya offers world-class convenience without the hassle of long travel hours.

Here are 6 reasons why Anya Resort and Residences is the premier luxury vacation home in Tagaytay:

  1. Serene location

Anya is tucked among the glorious hills of Tagaytay. Away from the hustle and bustle of Manila, Anya ensures an undisturbed getaway the minute you step into its secure confines; a leisure location to soothe your tired senses. Let the cool breeze of Tagaytay enliven your spirit. Forget the noise of the metro as you listen to the gentle sound of nature. No matter what weather or season, Anya is a serene retreat where you can spend your time at ease.

  1. Personalized service

    Whether you care for a cup of Barako coffee or fancy a glass of wine, Anya’s Lifestyle Assistant will attend to your every need. If you wish for your clothes to be ironed or want your favorite food in your pantry, your cordial assistant will always be ready to cater to you. Anya can impeccably make arrangements and get everything you need before and during your stay; service that is so personalized, you will definitely feel at home.

  2. Posh and spacious units

    Anya units are typically luxurious and spacious. Treated with o8dB Acoustic Environments that ensures a restful ambiance, every room promises nothing less than relaxing. Homes will be fully furnished with top-of-the-line furniture and quality appliances; with all lighting design by Light Plan, Inc. to harmonize with the interiors designed by Manny Samson & Associates. The interiors will reveal traditional Filipino designs that will guarantee comfort and functionality. More so, every unit only enhances the prominence of its strong Filipino roots. Anya units will be available in studio type, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedrooms.

  1. World-class amenities

Aside from rooms that will be treated with acoustics to ensure an uninterrupted stay, Anya will have deluxe amenities to amplify leisure. Take a dip in the pristine pools, savor an alone time while you read your favorite book in the borderless library, break a sweat in the neat gym, and be refreshed in the spa. World-class Anya amenities are positioned to equate and exceed international standards to guarantee every guest a top-notch service.

  1. Delectable food

Sumptuous cuisines await you in Anya restaurants that will be led by world-renowned 3-Michelin-starred chef Emmanuel Stroobant. Be filled with fresh meals that will not only satisfy your appetite but will also promote your health. You can pick the greens you like in the vegetable garden and Anya chefs will mix them the way you like it or you can just select your food from the ala-carte menu and relax in your seat while you wait for your treat.

  1. Accessibility

Tagaytay has grown as an attractive tourist spot in the Philippines. Anya is situated in the heart of Tagaytay just approximately a 75-minute drive from Manila. Accessible and worth the travel, Anya is effortlessly peaceful which makes travel a cinch. More so, congested roads are unusual in Tagaytay making your trip to Anya stress-free.

Anya Resort and Residences is where Filipino hospitality and world-class quality are evident. From admirable Anya Lifestyle Assistants to the value invested in every room and amenity, Anya never settles for mediocrity. Luxury is Anya’s currency.

Anya Resort and Residences is expected to open its doors in July 2016.

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