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Property of the Month: Experiencing a Seamless Balance of Elegance and Comfort

Living in a luxury condominium has unparalleled perks. It goes beyond unlimited access to multiple facilities and top-of-the-line amenities. It’s more than just living in the heart of the city’s buzzing lifestyle and energetic culture. Living in a luxury condominium means being surrounded by elegance every morning upon waking up and every evening before heading to bed. It’s having elegant details elevating in every corner of the home like handcrafted furniture, inspired bed frames, and captivating chandeliers.

This 3-BR condo unit at Trump Tower in Century City, Makati is one such type of home. Located in Makati’s exciting neighborhood, Poblacion, this condo for sale is fully furnished with modern elegance and style. It features a stylish living area, vibrant bedrooms, and a breathtaking view of the city’s lavish skyscraper. It has automatic control for all curtains and is tastefully designed with quality materials from London.

The living room features two Chesterfield sofas in a rich cream color. Located at the corner of the condo unit, the living room is an ideal place to hang out, catch up, and engage in a variety of activities. Several plants, artwork, and a round coffee table complete this elegant area.

The dining area has metallic cross-leg dining seats that comfortably seat 4. It’s brightly lit by a modern chandelier.

The condo also has a library that can double as a family room. It’s a quieter space that promises privacy.

Each bedroom in this home has its own distinct personality. The master bedroom is a bright, high-ceiling haven fashioned with wooden elements that complement its clean, white walls. Details like the wooden bed frame and armless chair stand out and transform the room into a refreshing space.

Featuring a bold yet minimalist color palette, this bedroom features a black dresser cabinet, a gray floor rug and a white armchair in the corner.

At 196 sqm, this condo unit is a comforting place to unwind in a fast-paced, progressive neighborhood. Through its creative use of space and the beautiful interiors, it succeeds in balancing elegance with comfort and function.

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