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Weekly Picks: Houses with Big Kitchens for All Your Cooking Projects

The kitchen is perhaps the most used room in the house if not the bedroom. Today, families even consider their kitchen as the new living room. While it is solely devoted to food preparation and cooking, it serves as a place where a family – sometimes with friends – cooks daily meals, gathers to talk while eating, and creates memories. We have created a list of houses with big kitchens for all your cooking projects.

  1. No matter what time of the day it is, this kitchen offers a relaxed place to cook and eat.


4-BR House and Lot for Rent at Forbes Park, Makati City

  1. Spotless and uncluttered – just how every kitchen should be.


3-BR House and Lot for Rent at San Lorenzo Village, Makati City

  1. The state-of-the-art pieces in this neat kitchen are not only attractive but also functional.


5-BR San House and Lot for Rent at San Lorenzo Village, Makati City

  1. Fill this kitchen with pieces of equipment that would make cooking trouble-free.


3-BR House and Lot for Rent at Dasmarinas Village, Makati City

  1. Traditional and utterly useful, this kitchen provides a spacious area where anyone can move freely. It is a great place where a family can spend time cooking together.


4-BR House and Lot for Rent at Valle Verde, Pasig City

  1. The modern features of this home are perfect for a family that values convenience.


4-BR House and Lot for Rent at Corinthian Gardens, Quezon City

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