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Anya Resort and Residences – The Future of World-Class Real Estate Investment

An extraordinary concept which materialized by gathering the expertise of internationally acclaimed specialists to build a first class property tucked among the glorious hills and lush of Tagaytay City. This internationally branded Filipino resort provides for personal space and reflection by creating a 5.7-hectare secluded paradise just sixty minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Anya Resort and Residences brings in the perks of having a luxurious resort hideaway and a lavish residential area in one community. Managed by Roxaco Land, this property was inspired by Filipino hospitality cherished and respected by the world. According to Andrew Sparrow, the Project Director of Anya Resort and Residences, despite the popularity of the Filipino hospitality, the Philippines has no local chain of world-class hotels and resorts which can be considered as its own. The developers would like to introduce a retreat lifestyle through Anya through mature gardens, wellness and spa centers, a borderless library and the “Slow Food Movement” offering traditional and organic gastronomic experience made available by world-famous chef, Emmanuel Stroobant and his exceptionally trained team.

anya resorts and residences library
Artist’s rendition of the library. Image courtesy of Anya Resort and Residences

The Roxaco Land stayed true to its vision and did not veer away from the Filipino style and culture it aims to endorse. The innovative developer commissioned Manny Samson, an internationally known Filipino architect and interior designer with an elegant eye for design to create Filipino-inspired houses made of wood and capiz with a stroke of modern structural built from contemporary construction materials suitable for our country’s tropical climate. Take pleasure from the earthy and neutral tones imbibed by these inspiring Filipino homes. Anya assures its residents and guests of ultimate privacy with an acoustic design within the residences and not hearing a pin drop from outside their homes. Although the property consists of some condominium units, Roxaco Land limited the construction of such residential spaces to two-story infrastructures only, distinctive of the usual high-rise residential buildings in Metro Manila.

Aside from state of the art wellness facilities, restaurants and houses, each owner or guest is assigned with their own personal assistant to cater to their needs from arranging for a party to personally shopping for its guests. And this brand of personal service full of warmth from Anya is available 24/7. More than this groundbreaking concept and venture, Roxaco Land would like to share the benefits of this extraordinary feat with other investors. Recognizing that the fastest growing industry in the Philippines is tourism, the developer of this project considered the need of providing for an upscale and internationally branded resort in order to cater to the needs of travelers. By purchasing a property in Anya Resort and Residences, you have the option to lease the property to transient guests of the resort without any hassle. The management will market the property for you and provide for the rest of the services while you merely wait for the return of your investment. Roxaco Land assures its investors with guaranteed yields and with the quarterly distribution of investment returns.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to invest in a unique yet certainly profitable venture. Hoppler is honored to have been entrusted by Roxaco Land with their remaining residential units, and we are offering them through our certified brokers. Contact us for more information.

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