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Avida Land : Uncompromised Commitment to Quality

The Philippine property market is booming and it is expected to continue its remarkable growth this 2015 because of dynamic and assertive real estate developers and their subsidiaries. This highly lucrative business is all about strategy and recognizing lucrative opportunities of which, Avida Land, is highly well-known for. A subsidiary of property giant Ayala Land Inc.(ALI), Avida Land has maintained its commitment in expanding their product offerings to create better lifestyle opportunities for their target market—the hardworking middle class.

It was in January 2006 that LPHI (Laguna Properties Holdings, Inc.) changed its name to Avida Land Corp. to create a broader public awareness and effective brand recall. The new brand name and logo reflect the position of the company as a leading provider of affordable homes to Filipino families in ideal communities, further distinguishing Ayala’s affordable housing developments from the increasing number of industry players.

Now headed by Christopher B. Maglanoc, Avida continues to push the limits of the economic housing market by focusing on the unique demands of its growing clientele. They’ve built a distinct and compelling position in being a leading provider of affordable homes to Filipino families in ideal communities by offering houses and condominiums for sale and for rent to the middle-class market.

Avida offers pre-selling condo units since a lot of buyers go for the pre-selling option which is largely because of its lower introductory price, which can be (more or less) 30% cheaper than a finished unit. Pre-selling condos are a promising investment if you’re a real estate investor since their market value can increase by the time they are finished.

They also offer RFO (Ready for Occupancy) units in prime locations. With each unit meticulously detailed for you to experience the high-life. Units can be bare, semi-furnished or fully-furnished unit, depending on the offer of the developer. It really caters to clients who want to move in immediately, especially for those most discerning ones. Units ready for occupancy are available are listed below.

  • Avida Towers New Manila

  • Avida Towers Sucat

  • Avida Towers Makati

  • Avida Towers San Lorenzo

As part of Avida Land’s commitment of bringing its clients a relaxing living experience, the Leasing Services by Avida (LSA) was officially launched on March 2009. Renting is made easy by LSA by helping clients look for a safe and secure place to rent.  As for unit owners of Avida’s turned-over condominium projects, the Leasing Services team will help the owner enjoy the benefits of their property. Their services range from advertising the unit for rent, sourcing and screening tenants, negotiating and closing lease contracts, and facilitating turnover of the unit. They also assist in custom-fitting interiors to increase the value of the property.

Avida Land is a leading subsidiary because they know how to turn opportunities into strategies which lead to rewards. By taking calculated risks and a deep sense of commitment, Avida is seen marching forward into regions and markets that remain underserved, and continuing to offer innovative designs that nourish communities and thrive through time. Their housing projects are the clear indication to their brand promise which is” Enhancing Land, Enriching Lives”.

If you wish to rent or buy Avida Land properties, you may contact Hoppler in-house brokers to assist you!

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