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Developer of the Month: Rockwell Land Corp.

Our Developer of the Month has earned its laudable reputation in the real estate community by establishing a benchmark on how upscale residential living, commercial spaces and lifestyle should be exemplified. Rockwell Land Corporation is known to be one of the most leading real estate developing corporations in the country. The company was established by the Lopez Group of Companies in 1995 destined to create vibrant and self-sufficient neighborhoods within the proximity of well-known business districts. Within a span of two years, the company already reached remarkable growth which can be attributed to the trust the group has earned over the years in various fields of business. Rockwell Land transformed a former thermal power plant spot to a relaxing pocket of a city within a city.

Rockwell Center is the group’s primary project situated on a 15.5-hectare land in the city of Makati which is practically nestled at the center of three major business hubs in Metro Manila namely the Makati Central Business District, Bonifacio Global City and Ortigas. Currently, the mixed-use Rockwell community has seven luxurious residential buildings, two commercial towers, upscale shopping center and a prestigious business graduate school.

Codominium unit at Joya Lofts and Towers
One of the Joya Lofts and Towers units being offered on Hoppler’s website exudes that elegant and comforting vibe.

The corporation has successfully proven that they have the capacity to create an environment with unparalleled and valuable standard of living. The neighborhood embodies a perfect harmony between residential living, work spaces and leisure hubs in a stylish setting. Rockwell Center is a popular residential community for expats and locals alike for its peaceful and safe atmosphere. The residential projects of the group are all well-planned epitomizing modern and elegant architecture without sacrificing unrelenting comfort. Several of Rockwell Center’s trendy and well-known condominium projects are the One Rockwell, Edades Tower and Garden Villas and Joya Lofts and Towers.

Busy yet relaxing Rockwell community at day.
Skyscrapers surrounded with lush providing for a balanced lifestyle at the heart of the city.

The community is known for providing a perfect milieu for a healthy lifestyle without being away from the major business districts. Rockwell Center began its construction in 1998 and world-renowned architect Larry Oltmans designed this unmatched community plan. The centerpiece for this community is the Power Plant Mall which provides for an extraordinary and luxurious ambiance which is beyond compare to the rest of the malls in the country. The Power Plant Mall houses the most opulent designer brand shops and the finest dining places. The best food stores and commercial establishments are also located below Rockwell’s residential buildings to ensure that everything you need is just a walk away from your home. 

The company has developed the following residential high-rise in Rockwell Center: Amorsolo Square, Hidalgo Place, Joya Lofts, Luna Gardens, Manansala, One Rockwell and Rizal Tower. Each residential tower has their distinct characteristics which will be suitable to various needs and personalities of their residents.

On the other hand, Rockwell Land also prides itself with the Rockwell Business Center which is located in the business area of Ortigas. The structure provides for an innovative concept for a workplace where business can go along with leisurely endeavors or gastronomic adventures. The business center is equipped with up to date IT infrastructure and power back-up systems and most importantly, the area is surrounded by gardens and koi ponds in order to relieve the stress employees usually acquire from the workplace.

Other exciting residential projects are located in Bonifacio Global City namely the Bonifacio Ridge, Essensa East Forbes, Fifth Avenue Place, One McKinley Place, Pacific Plaza Tower, Regent Parkway and Serendra.

On top of what has been built, the group is also geared towards creating a cultural hub to elevate the lifestyle of Rockwell Center. The Proscenium which was designed by another world-famous architect Carlos Ott will be home to five amazing residential high rise which will be a sanctuary as well of a 600-seater theater meant for cultural performances.

Another exceptional creation by the Rockwell Hotels and Leisure Management Corporation under the same developer is the luxurious serviced apartments of Aruga by Rockwell.

Rockwell center never sleeps
Rockwell Center maintains its sparkling vibe even at night. Source: propertymart.ph

Rockwell’s philosophy in building perfect spaces for its residents is to understand the needs of an individual. The company does not limit the needs of their residents within the structure of their home or condominium units, they recognize one’s needs even outside those boundaries. That is why Rockwell as a developer would never compromise the exclusivity and luxury that they have built in the neighborhood for the holistic pleasure it provides to its dwellers.

Rockwell Center is certainly one of the most sought-after residential areas in the country in terms of location, environment and accessibility to neighboring cities. The community epitomizes the ideal life in the city that most urbanites aspire for.

Hoppler has an extensive listing of condominium units for sale nestled in Rockwell Center. Contact us or check our website for more information.

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