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Property of the Month: A Home that Exudes Luxury Even in the Details

Many homebuyers often get caught up in the excitement of plunging into the task of designing their new house or condominium. No matter what step it is in the process – whether the mixing and matching of colors to achieve a desired palette or the purchasing of furniture that best suits the space – there’s an overwhelming amount of decisions that carefully need to be made. The debate of prioritizing a comfortable environment or molding a stylish abode is a typical roadblock that homebuyers face, but balancing both is actually achievable.

This three-bedroom, four-bathroom, and 482sqm penthouse unit in Shang Grand Towers displays the right kind of balance between comfort and style, shaping a stunning home with luxury evident even in the slightest of details. Featuring a consistent earth-tone palette all throughout, the home takes on a modern minimalist design approach; it effortlessly feels like home – a perfect refuge after a long day in the city.

At first glance, it seems apt to call the home a bachelor’s pad. The home is spacious enough for parties or get-togethers, reunions or casual dinners with officemates after a long day at work.

But it could also be the setting for a powerful woman executive to flaunt her success. The home features areas that marry functionality and elegance, setting a new standard for luxury living.

There’s an undeniable sense of completeness to the condominium. It opens to a stunning walkway that leads to the dining area and living room. The living room is lit by strategically placed hanging lights and lamps that emphasize the modern piece in the space. Comfortable cushions are placed at the corner of the room where natural light passes through the wide windows.

The kitchen is armed with the tools to ease the work of a fervent cook. The space also opens up to another vast area that can be transformed into an open bar.

There’s an extended living room adjacent to it, featuring various areas as well for hanging out. Handcrafted furniture is the signature of this condominium, adding a rustic albeit sleek touch to the overall ambiance of the home.

The master’s bedroom is a well-kept secret in the space. Featuring a leather bed and leather couch, the room takes a less-is-more approach. The sophistication doesn’t dwindle down, but effectively commands attention. The elegant bathroom inside epitomizes luxury through its tub at the center and walk-in shower.

Directly beside the bedroom is a home office, one of the latest trends in condo living catching fame among business executives.

The balcony is the highlight of the unit featuring a wide open space that permits the placement of houseplants across a stunning view of the city’s elegance at whatever time of day.

This penthouse unit offers unparalleled city living without a sense of lack. It’s a complete home, down to the details.

To know more about this property or other condominiums for sale in Makati, email us at inquire@hoppler.com.ph.

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